Our plastic and wastes can be converted into fuel. Think about this simple sentence carefully.


This should be no shock, as plastic is made from crude oil polymerization and polycondensation processes. With a carefully controlled process, it can be turned into diesel, among other fuels.

I’m not going to lie, I have no idea how it works. The machine as you will see, looks like the most complex contraption you may have ever seen, but the idea seems, to me, too good to be true.

Like traditional recycling, I am sure there are many caveats to the idea, but the fact that the plastic waste around the world is the resource which these machines use to create fuel for our other machines, while simultaneously managing our garbage at the same time, absolutely amazes me.

I do not believe it is practical to try to eliminate the use of plastics within our consumer products in such a rapid time as to eliminate the negative affects of our planets waste problem.

Something needs to be done with our garbage, besides letting it break down into smaller, more difficult to collect pieces.

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