Thursday July 13th

I woke up at the usual 2:30am, then at about 5:40am. I’m not sure if I know why I keep waking up at 2:30am, this would be 4:30am EST which I can correlate to a time where I would often go to sleep, but also often wake up. My circadian rhythm is a little messed up, as I went from working evenings, to working mornings, to not working at all. I was thinking maybe it’s 2 or 3 hours after I fall asleep, but although I would wake up around 6-8am each day, when I would go to bed would range much more dramatically. So, I’ve yet to tie a reason to this usual time of waking up. But I think the 8 hour sleep cycle is artificial, and humans in the past have actually done more like 2 or 3 cycles of sleep.

After doing some research, I found what I was looking for. It turns out that humans are naturally biphasic sleepers, and there are some really interesting takeaways. First, we generally sleep 3-5 hours (first sleep; deep sleep), wake up, then 1-2 hours later, go back to sleep. This has been the way it’s been for millennia, and likely a big reason is for defensive measures, say, against nightly predators. In modern times, this gives us the opportunity to reflect on our dreams (our other life; our subconscious) to do small tasks, read a book, watch a show, talk to a friend, or a whole host of other things. Then comes the second sleep, the morning sleep. It’s funny how this completely natural pattern of human behavior is given a clinical term of insomnia, as if it’s something that’s wrong with us. What a bunch of hogwash. Then to boot, people get angry and upset when they wake up, and even more so when they can’t fall back asleep right away. How unnatural, unintuitive, illogical, and counterproductive. On top of that, doctors are using this outdated idea of 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep being the way it must be, so they prescribe sleeping medication.

Tims from 6:15am to 11am doing computer stuff. Spanish lesson. Cleaned my pots from yesterday’s cooking. Used restroom. Going through bookmarks. Asking questions, looking into things, etc. It seems I can’t get ChatGPT-4 anymore since I didn’t sign up quick enough, but I will look into this again. I went to a different gym to take a shower as I didn’t want that staff in Sherwood Park to get any funny ideas about me. I started looking more into a trucking job, made a phone call, then looked at another posting and somehow got the idea to visit the actual trucking yard. I went there and spoke to Suni for about 40 minutes about becoming a trucker. It seems I first have to change my Ontario class G license into an Alberta class 5 license. Only then can it be converted to a class 1A for trucking. However, there is more to it than that. Even with a class 1A license, it does not guarantee a job, and I knew that. On top of that, they want experience, and this is a constraint from both government and insurance companies. The owner of that place said my best bet is to get a job where I don’t need a class 1A, but still drive a [light] truck. That way, if and/or when the company needs someone with a 1A, they can take me on for that position, and even pay for the expensive training.

After we spoke, I went to the CAA/AMA office (Canadian Automotive Association / Alberta Motor Association) to speak to them about the technicalities. They gave me all the forms for changing my driver’s license, my vehicles license plate, and my health card over to Alberta types. It all seems like a lot, especially without a job, so I took all the forms, and went on my marry way. Then I went to that Walmart I keep sleeping at, finally went inside, and got a container of tzatziki dip and a 12 pack of breakfast sausages (on sale). I cooked up an amazing meal, making my version of grilled cheese (like I did yesterday), cleaned up, then looked for some more jobs. I gave one company a phone, and they seem promising. So now here I am at my typical Tims, and will be applying for jobs for the rest of the evening. I may also want to use some employment agencies, as I know, the job search process can get very draining, very fast. Here I go.


Tims: $4.55    Tims: $2.45    Walmart: $7.50        Tims: $2.45*2        Total: $19.40

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