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Alberta – Day 24-26

Wednesday July 19th Although work started a little later than Sunday, I still woke up [...]

Alberta – Day 23

Tuesday July 18th I forgot to add the Dollarscama dark chocolate into my previous days [...]

Alberta – Day 22

Monday July 17th Work was great, it was a lot harder this day than the [...]

Alberta – Day 21

Sunday July 16th The night of Saturday I made some food and ate it, even [...]

Alberta – Day 20

Saturday July 15th I would up around 7:30am, but I dozed off. I woke up [...]

Alberta – Day 19

Friday July 14th Last night while I was at the Tims, Bob showed me his [...]

Alberta – Day 18

Thursday July 13th I woke up at the usual 2:30am, then at about 5:40am. I’m [...]

Alberta Bound: Episode 7 – Day 17

Wednesday July 12th I did end up getting a map of all of North America [...]

Alberta Bound: Episode 6 – Day 16

Tuesday July 11th – Edmonton Now Last night, I was going to sleep in the [...]

Alberta Bound: Episode 5 – Day 15 – From Saskatchewan to Alberta

Monday July 10th – Edmonton Bound Woke up around 8am and finished writing articles from [...]

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