Episode 3 – Winnipeg

Day 9

I pulled something similar that I did in Temiskaming and stay up in Tims until around 3:30AM doing editing. Bonkers I tell you. Near the beginning, I was trying to find a clip where I saw a family of ducks fearlessly crossing the road (I think back from Timmins). Let me tell you, when you have 18+ hours of footage, do not look for the ducks… Unless you know exactly where this is, as in, you write down the time stamps somewhere. Otherwise, it’s all a blur that’ll suck time like nothing else.

I woke up in the usual place with no hiccups. I parked closer to the front at Walmart and got a windshield cover and some kefir. When I came back to my car, I was doing some things, and as I was about to leave, the lady that pulled in next to me asked if I had a handicap permit. I said no, and she told me I was parked in a handicap spot. I took another look, and she was right! The sign that was in front of her spot, happened to also have an arrow in the sign that pointed to my spot (well, there was a crosswalk pattern in between our spots, but close enough). I also didn’t see any paint in the spot, and it appears to be a regular sized spot, not extra wide, as they are in Ontario. The lady opened my door to tell me it’s a $500 fine. At first, I was really upset – I told her I did not know and/or see, but she just kept looking at me. Besides, who is she to open my car door, I said. I must have been cheesed for at least half an hour. Afterwards I realized, she helped me out by doing what she did. Some one else may not have said anything and simply reported my car. There are other takeaways too, but I’ll leave it at that.

I got some more editing at a different Tims done, and uploaded video episode 2. I went to Shoppers Drug Dealer to get some nicotine gum – I am quitting smoking. I love smoking, but I hate the way I feel afterwards. The angina I get makes me feel like I have some kind of heart disease – not a good feeling at all! Anyways, I went to the superstore that was next to that Walmart (the planet fitness gym, first Tims, Walmart, and Superstore, all happen to be in the same parking lot – how convenient!). I got a 4 pack of Umami Wagyu Burgers that are quite delicious, and got a 4L of water from Walmart, before I did another back of store barbequing. This time, I actually had a use for that spatula I got way back in Huntsville! I also didn’t have any embarrassing propane problems this time either. Yea so, I am a little iffy about the water I got from that ditch. There certainly are visible particles floating around in it. So, I will still drink and/or use it, but I wanted to have some for sure clean water. Plus, the other container is now smelling really funky.

I ate 2 of the 4 burgers, and they need to be kept frozen. I hid the other 2 in an ice box at a nearby gas station, right before they locked it up for the night. I asked them before hand, and the lady said she didn’t care, but she didn’t recommend it. Before I did that, I went to a Ctire across town since the ones around here didn’t have what I was looking for – window covers. They are the kind that you pull over your door, so you can still put the window down – great for keeping the bugs out of your car, enjoying the summer air, and if the inside of the car is too hot. Awesome! I went to bed pretty early, around 10:30pm at the same spot that I cooked the burgers at. I used the windshield cover (which actually worked) and the window cover, but I decided to pull the windows up around 2 or 3 in the morning since it was pretty chilly.

Walmart: $9.70        Tims: $2.30    Shoppers: $9.45    Superstore: $22.19    Walmart: $1.90

Tims 2: $2.30        Ctire: $13.43                 Total: $61.27

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