Alberta Bound: Episode 3 – Day 11 – Last Full Day in Winnipeg

Thursday July 6th

I slept in the same spot despite the bad experience the morning before. Besides the soothing sounds of trains passing by, the night was quiet. In the morning, I went to Tims to get 2 shots of almond milk – I wanted to make my own coffee. I came back to the same spot, and busted out the propane to boil some water. I poured the water in the pot I got in the mess set, and right after I lit the flame, parkinf enforcement showed up. I told them I will be done soon, and the guy was kind enough not to give me a hard time. He circled around twice before I was finished. I wasn’t smart enough to first pour cool water into the French press, I poured boiling hot water over the coffee that was in the French press. Now, the French press is a little narrower, making the ‘press’ part, difficult to use. Also, yesterday, as I was parking besides the dollar store, I had the trunk open several times, and I hit the wall with my trunk, bending it. Some more ways I am destroying my own property. It’s so easy to destroy things in a matter of seconds, that take hours, if not days, to fix. It’s a miracle our entire society doesn’t completely implode on itself. I could spend a full day fixing these two mistakes – go to the store to get a new french press, buy some more white paint, fix the paint on the trunk so it doesn’t rust through. I digress…

I went to Midas to see if they had an opening, and David said he will fit me in at around 1pm. I stopped there on my way to the laundromat, and after looking at how much clothes I have, I decided I won’t as I don’t have enough to wash. Now I am at Tims3, a short walk down from the Midas. I was originally planning to leave today, but I decided I wanted to get some more things done before I head out.

So I went to Midas and it turns out I just didn’t tighten the sway link bar nuts enough. Four nuts/bolts for $61, I feel like a tool. What’s new. At least the guy showed me how screwed my subframe is, it’s not just one bushing that’s gone, it’s both. I should get a whole new subframe. So, there is that incredibly thin silver lining of knowing that. It was good service and the rattle is gone – as far as I can tell. I noticed that the shower mat that I have been using as lumbar support smelt like urine (the bottom side, really), so instead of throwing it out, I might as well go to the washers. This place gave 6 minutes per quarter, I feel kind of bad that I only paid $3.75, meanwhile, everyone else gets like, 20’s, 40’s, and 60’s outta me. I’m a billionare, 500 mil is nothing to me.

Afterwards, I went to that grocery store I went to yesterday. The blueberries were 50 cents cheaper today. But I didn’t get any. I got some meat and pizza pretzels (expensive), then went to Tims1, got a coffee and chocolate croissant so they wouldn’t complain, then made garlic avocado pizza pretzel with ham in the parking lot with my 5th door up. Then I ate, watched the controlled demolition of world trade tower 7 a few times on Redacted News, spoke with my mother, and now here I am inside writing this. Now to plan tomorrows drive!

Tims1: $0.10    Tims3: $2.30 + $3.35    Midas: $61    Laundry: $3.75        Save on Foods: $21.22

Tims1: $5.10    Total: $96.82

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