Sitting in a Tims, about to do the video editing for Day 1, Episode 1. Today is day 3, but I still consider it part of episode 1. Let me do a recap of my trip, as video only captured the drive here.

Episode 1: Escaping from Toronto

Day 1: With little to no sleep, I left just before noon. It started to rain shortly after, so I am unsure how good the video will be. I arrived in Huntsville shortly after noon, got off at the second exit, and got my bearings at a Tims. It was still raining pretty hard by the time I got here – but it coincidentally stopped about 5-10 minutes after I got inside. Soon afterwards, I went to a Shopper’s Drug dealers to get some crackers (GMO-free and on-sale), then drove to “Fairy Vista Trail” where I parked off a trail by a water pollution control plant (it was actually quite pleasant here, nobody else around).

I fell asleep quite early, but when I woke up at about half past 10 and went outside (raining again), mosquitos literally swarmed into my car. I decided to forgo hunting each down, and instead drive with my windows down, to the Walmart parking lot. I parked in between 2 semi’s – it was absolutely awesome as I felt so tucked away. Expenses are as follows:

Large Earl Grey: $2.15        Crackers + Dark Choco Bar: $5.60    Total: $7.75

Day 2: I heard both semi’s leave one after the other, and I got up at around 10-11am. I went inside Walmart to look at what they got. I don’t think I got anything besides a bag of lemons as they were on sale but were perfectly ripe and not shriveling up any time soon. I went back to that “pawn shop” that I wanted to find on day 1, it was a habitat for humanity. I gave them a bag of some extremely random stuff that I don’t see myself ever using, or able to sell. Like an old 720p webcam, some chem wipes, etc. I got a spatula for a buck, as well as a really nice wood cutting board.

I went to hunt for another Tims, hopefully one without a bunch of flies being sustained by the staff. First one was a tiny gas bar Tims, and the second was pretty good. I cleaned up a lot of stuff on my PC and did some office/organization stuff, and made over 200GB of free space from deleting a single video game. I don’t play it anymore; I don’t play games much anymore as I own nothing – but I’m not quite “happy”…yet. It would be nice to have more. What would I be… where would I be, if I had done things a little differently and never played video games? I digress, where did I leave off?

I didn’t get to the video editing I wanted to do, but the amount of space the video takes up is insane, and it’s pretty tedious stuff. In a way, I am procrastinating by doing this journal, but not really. I really want to keep a log of my travels – I don’t want the days to become a combined blur of events. Going over my files, I found a bunch of awesome documents that I wrote, but never posted for various reasons. I am going to end that habit today. I am going to write, and upload.

I slept at the Walmart parking lot again. I had a late lunch, but no dinner, as I wanted to do a short fast for my gut to recuperate a little. Expenses are as so:

Lemons: $2.40        Habitat: $3.50        Large Green Tea: $2.15        Total: $8.05

Day 3: It took me some time to decide what to do first this morning – Canadian Tire. It was quite chilly, but I decided to forgo getting a hot coffee – that would be easy, I didn’t do this trip to do things easy. I decided to do some car organizing in the parking lot, and to take a look at a cable I want to assemble for my car.

I have a cable running directly from my battery to the inside of my car, terminated with an 8mm male cylinder connector. I use it to charge my 33Ah battery box, which has a bunch of outputs, including 12v aux, usb, 700w pure sine wave convertor, as well as some other things. The problem is, it’s basically a unidirectional cable, since the 8mm female on the power box is only an input (it’s likely not connected directly to the internal 33Ah battery, but instead to a control circuit of sorts). I wanted to have the uncanny ability to also charge the battery from within the car. Why? Well, I guess in some unbelievably harsh and unforeseen circumstances – like a level 10 winter storm, or a zombie apocalypse. I can always boost the battery from outside, but I think being able to trickle charge it with this method could be extremely useful, depending on the shot I find myself in.

I met my first local here and we had quite a good chat. I ended up not buying anything at Ctire this time, but I did come back later to fill up my 20lb propane tank. Why did I decide to come back another time? Who knows. After the purchase-less pit-stop, I went to a church to donate some more stuff I no longer wanted. They didn’t want it, so I dropped it off at the back of a salvation army thrift store. When I looked around in this store, I literally found nothing useful. I don’t even know if they had any men’s stuff, it was such a grey store. I remember thinking to myself: My RISK board game will stick out so much in this place, will any of their employees have it in them to stick it on one of these shelves?

After this, I went back to the Walmart base of operations, and looked around for some more crap that I needed, or didn’t. I got some more stuff and then I decided that yes, I probably do need propane to cook. I got it, then drove back to Wally’s, decided I was too scared to cook in the parking lot. Drove to that trail from the first night. Someone else was there. I was too scared again – maybe it was the fire ban, or maybe it was because I’ve never cooked my own food in a place that is open to the public. The fire ban variable is interesting. These globalists literally are paying groups to set fires across the country so that they can impose their crony agenda, and in effect, making it so fringe minorities can’t build a fire so they can EAT. Luckily propane is not included in this.

I looked up a camping place and drove there. I drove all the way up into this park woods where hundreds if not thousands of campers go serious camping, so I could cook myself lunch. I finally got to their office, in like the center of this park, and these two beautiful young ladies just recommended that I cook in the Wally’s parking lot. I certainly was not going to argue with them, so I went and I did just that, and it was freaking badass. I cooked a whole pack of bacon and ate it with garlic-avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, and crackers from the first nice, made my coffee, and now I am back at Tims1.

I am sitting in the exact same spot I was in when I escaped the Godly rains that tried to impede my escape from one of the World’s largest human metropolitan-prisons on the face of the Earth (Toronto). But I made it…here I am! I lost track of expenses a bit, but they are roughly:

Yogurt: $1    Bacon: $2.75    Sugar: $6    Cooking Set: $14    Avocados: $3

Tomatoes: $3    Cucumber: $0.75    Total: $30.50

I probably could have forgone the sugar, but the stuff I have now is a fake stevia, with dextrose and maltodextrin. What utter garbage. They are trying to kill us all, that’s for sure. Who in their right mind would mix STEVIA with DEXTROSE OR MALTODEXTRIN? Who would buy it though, right? Hahah, I learned it’s not so good for you afterwards. Sugar is way better. At least I got regular cane sugar. I plan to make my own mixture for sweetening my coffee: 25% regular cane sugar, 25% erythritol w/ monk fruit (Bulk Barb doesn’t state their ratio so it’s safe to assume 99.99% erythritol, as it’s probably the cheaper, less healthy option), 25% xylitol, and 25% unpasteurized honey. Another version without the sugar and honey would be good as well to avoid feeding mouth bacteria – for night use.

OK, editing time! Thanks for tagging along on my journey, make sure to check the video out and let me know what you think!

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