• FEMA EAS Test Signal – Fun Box!
  • The NWO Lost – Here’s Why
  • Stop Sugar & Carbs – Turn into Superman
  • AI Generation Services – An Overview

FEMA EAS Test Signal – Fun Box!

Apocalypse preparations are now in order. If you haven’t seen or heard about the FEMA EAS signal to be conducted on October 4th (with October 11th as a backup) all you have to do it check out their website. The science behind the 18 GHz FEMA signal? I cannot find it, but the idea is that the lipid nano-particles holding the mRNA are designed to burst at this frequency. Maybe this is what all the hardcore 5G conspiracy folks were talking about. But the question is, how much energy is needed for this to happen? 18 GHz is just a frequency. It’s present in background noise, so it would need to be present at a sufficient energy level to be able to do anything, if the nano-particle activation thing is even real. Jeff pointed out in a video last week, that there is literally a movie based on this, called “Cell” from 2016: The plot revolves around an artist who is determined to reunite with his young son in New England after a mysterious cell phone signal causes apocalyptic chaos. Sounds like fun…!

The NWO Lost – Here’s Why

They are speeding up 2030 to 2025, a longer drag out means greater repercussions, so they want to carefully execute a downplay towards forgiveness… not before their last big move! After this, we all have to remember: We cannot ever stoop to their level – no executions, only prison for those who conspired (and committed other horrible crimes), and jails (short term punishment, actual mental rehab) for those who complied, or followed “orders”. A foolproof system must be created and/or followed to never again let anyone corrupt the new system… not AI, but a modern system of ethics (perhaps see Stefan Molyneux’s Universally Preferable Behaviour: A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics).

Stop Sugar & Carbs – Turn into Superman

Instead of reading this, or watching good videos about health, self improvement or videos like Jeff’s, just keep drinking alcohol, playing mindless video games, eating sugar, chips, and other processed carbs as well as grains, watch your Netflix, Disney, Amazon prime, and support Amazon and Bill Gate’s Microsoft Tech Surveillance (because using Linux is just so darn hard), and teach your kids to do the same by giving them an old Wi-Fi enabled smartphone to babysit them, which they can hold 3 inches from their face. You won’t physically abuse them, or make them undergo horrific genital mutilation like previous generations, because you won’t have to, you’ll be too busy learning what other horrible habits you can pass on to them (Coca-Cola is definitely a household essential). You can effectively do the same to their mind, a trauma much less identifiable, and thus amendable, via destroying their psych and limiting their growth, not just physically and mentally, but spiritually as well. Taking a step backwards in improving your lineage, and one forwards in destroying your children’s future, is as easy as one, two, four!

AI Generation Services Overview

When I decided I wanted to create a high-quality theatrical release poster for the movie “Cell 2”, I knew the ones I were previously using wouldn’t cut it, so I did a bit of digging, and quickly fell down a rabbit-hole of what seamed to be an endless supply of different AI image generators. Below is a quick breakdown, but I’ll probably be trying them all out (see this link here). I primarily used Zapier articles to make my own list, and by no means is it an exhaustive list of AI image generators (just like the article above), but it’s a list of the prominent ones. The ones in bold are the ones I’ve found (or are purported) to be quite good. All the photos made for the Cell 2 image weren’t very good, although I only used DreamStudio, and Clipdrop, and it’s my first time, using default settings / free trial… then I used the Bing Image Creator. See the image above and below, for the new real-life movie. The first one I used. Simple images, paid version with many more credits.

Canva (uses Stable Diffusion): limit free images credits, $12.99/mo

DALL·E 2: $15/115 credits – easy to use, versatile

DreamStudio (Stable Diffusion): $10/1000 credits (uses credits fast, ~1200 default images)

Bing Image Creator (uses DALL·E 2) – free 100 credits first use

Craiyon: Free; $6/mo – unlimited photos – based on DALL·E 1

Clipdrop (Stable Diffusion): $12CAD/mo

Runway: $15/mo: 625 credits – I think this one is good if you want to edit a photo $10/100 credits/photos, credits spill over

Midjourney (only on Discord) $10/mo: ~200 generations with 4 image options

Anyways, that’s all for now. I am contemplating doing bi-monthly articles as to give myself more time to do more pressing things, such as start a software project I’ve been thinking about for several years (and posted about in a past article), but also because coming this Wednesday, there may be some big changes coming to our world… let’s hope not!

As always, thanks for reading!

Thomas Fodor

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