Tuesday July 11th – Edmonton Now

Last night, I was going to sleep in the Tims parking lot, but as I was dozing off, someone parked right next to me, and was speaking their language very loudly as they got out of their car. I figured this would keep happening, so I went to the Walmart down the road.

This morning, I woke up around 9:30am and was still pretty tired as I fell asleep around 3am. I felt it, I was going to be kind of sad today. I pushed through, got up, and went to a car wash. I spent eighteen bucks on a self-serve car wash, then went to the gym to give me own body a nice wash. As I was preparing, someone came out of the gym and said something like “Really, your door is on my ride” as I was closing it for them, since my door was wide open and touching their car. They seemed pretty confrontational. I replied “don’t worry, I was gentle”, but he still seemed upset. It’s the thing with human psychology, what we don’t see, we don’t care about. But the way I see it, there are two ways you can open your car door in a tight parking spot. There’s the amateur way of opening the door, dinging the car next to yours, then closing the door and pretending it never happened. Then there’s the slow way of opening it, and letting it ever so gently touch the car next to it. This way, even with a gust of wind, the door won’t swing open and cause any damage. As far as I understand it, the later way is better – no damage for either car.

I trimmed my face, went inside the gym, and contemplated life as I stood in the shower. I still think of my uncle Frank all the time… he died soon after taking the covid injections. Shortly after that, my brother and his family decided they wanted to exclude me from a Christmas gathering because I didn’t have my covid injections. Man… it’s surreal… he hasn’t reached out to me since, and I know why. He knows what he did was wrong. He knows that his true colors were shown, and that he is on the wrong side of things. But he cannot admit it, just like most people cannot openly admit it, verbally. It would hurt their ego too much. So, they just go along with it, as if it never happened. Just like opening a car door too haphazardly, then pulling it back, closing the door, and not acknowledging anything. Wow, it’s almost like that smashing sound never happened! It’s almost like all those injections just… n3v3r happ3n3d…

I would like to vacuum my car out, but I want to wait until the time is right. Like, I meet a new friend, and they let me park my car by their home, and I empty everything out, and properly vacuum. I don’t want to half-ass it, as it’s really not too dirty. I want to do an oil change on my car, so I am going to research that now while at this Tims:

  • 6L container from dollar store (to hold old used oil): $3.00
  • FRAM-6607 Oil filter: $7.97 + $0.50
  • Oil: 5W-30: $24.88 + $0.50
    • Total: $38.69

I went to the dollar store to get a 6-liter container, Walmart to get the oil and filter (plus some beef jerky), did the oil change in the parking lot over the course of 15 minutes, then I went and dropped it off at the waste management facility. It was about 3:20pm when I left to do this, and now it’s 5:40pm. So, all in all, 2 hours and 20 minutes for a $40 oil change. Not bad I’d say. Plus, the feeling of doing something good. I also cancelled my appointment at the Hungarian consulate in Toronto. I don’t plan on going back any time soon, and I also don’t have the required documents due to government incompetence.

Well, I’m pretty tired, and I think I’m still recovering from quitting smoking. I am going to check out the shoppers drug dealer by the Walmart to see if they have a national sized map, then go find a spot in Walmart parking lot to sleep. Waking up nice and early tomorrow to get down to business and look for a job and/or training for my A1 truck drives license would be great.


Car wash: $18        Tims: $2.15    Cocoa bar: $1.58    Oil change: $38.69

Beef jerky: $4.97    Tims: $2.15    Total: $67.54

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