Episode 2 – Day 4

I finally moved on. Huntsville was great, but I had to go. Before I left, I went to Walmart to get some crap. And I do say crap, because I got a 10/12 pack of crunchy peanut butter cliff bars (yes, it was on sale, hence the 10/12 devaluation). It’s third main ingredient is mainly “soy protein isolate”, which is isolated using hexane – a solvent, and a neurotoxin. Sure, they probably have most of it removed, but it’s literally what they use to make it, they can’t remove all of it. Hexane is a neurotoxin. No amount of it is OK for human consumption (another clear and evident way of poisoning the human population). It’s horrible for your liver, etc. I sort of shrugged it off as I got it, because it was basically half off… I digress… I also got a pack of low sodium Triscuits and a large pack of blueberries. Then I went to Staples and got them to price match a 512GB microSD card – the 128GB was limited to 5 hours, now I can record 1080p @ 120fps for 20 hours nonstop! Then I got gas, and got directions to a natural spring (findaspring.com servers appear to be down).

I stayed in Huntsville much longer than I anticipated. Currently I am in a town called Temiskaming Shores. I was just going to stop for coffee, but when I saw the scenery and the general layout of things, I decided I was going to stay the night. For a town with such a strange name, I have to say, it’s spectacular! The Tims I stopped at was right across from the marina, which was what hooked me. I parked beside a berry tree which shaded the entire car from the sun, made my lunch/diner (blueberries, avocado, salami, baby tomatoes, black olives matter, and some nutritional yeast) and fixed my gopro positioning issue. My first fix moved it so it wasn’t cooking in the sun (which would overheat the gopro, shutting it off), but inadvertently made it so the top half is blocked by the tint. I switch the mount clip around, so now I think it looks a lot better – we’ll see.

After I ate / fixed the gopro / cleaned the windshield, I realized I was parked in a no parking zone – literally right in the middle of the entrance. I pulled in front of the lake, charged some equipment, and got some quick drone footage of the town and lake. One thing I noticed in this town – even less city folk than in Huntsville – I can actually park somewhere, move around, without having to find another spot. The thing that’s still just like Toronto? The people that work at Tims! I’m at a different one now, that’s just off the highway and is apparently open 24/7 – even inside! There are a lot of Frenchies here, but other than that, it’s perfect. Expenses are as follows:

10 Crap bars: $14.20    Triscuits: $2.80        Blueberries: $3.95

512 GB microSD card: $56.95        Gas: $46.64

First Tims coffee + cookie: $5.05        Second Tims tea: $2.15

Total: $131.74        Excluding gas and the SD card: $28.15


Edit for previous Day (3): I forgot to include the price of propane ($26), which would bring the total for day 3 to $56.50. I also wanted to restate this sugar mix I mentioned earlier to be a little more specific:

  1. 25% xylitol (non-GMO)
  2. 25% cane sugar (non-GMO)
  3. 25% local unpasteurized honey (no wax)
  4. 25% erythritol monk fruit blend (if possible, use pure monk fruit, or stevia)

For a mixture later on in the day and/or after brushing your teeth, only use a 50/50 blend of 1 & 4.

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