Well, it looks like we’ve survived both the October 4th, and 11th 5G attack, initiated by FEMA. Although many people were a little scared, frightened, or disturbed by the idea, I was not. I still went to work. I was prepared, and am as prepared as I can be. When SHTF and the music stops, I’ll deal with whatever I have to, just like everyone else. I used the word in a past article, and I just can’t stop thinking about it – why do I really not give a damn? Why am I constantly waiting for that day? As if I seek some sort of pleasure when it all comes tumbling down. The schadenfreude in me is thick.

I was listening to a podcast from Tom Bilyeu, where he was interviewing Raoul Pal, who said, the rates will come down, and this cycle of financial fraud will just continue – the alternative is a civilization ending situation. Perhaps that is the reason the tomfoolery continues – we’ve reached a point that, if the financial fiasco were to unfold, the collapse of the dollar will affect us in ways we can’t even image… the result would be 28 days/weeks later – zombies that are not only everyone and everywhere, but they keep their higher-level cognitive abilities. Forget about worrying if they can turn a doorknob, they will be able to shoot a .22 right through the keyhole!

Although many people are blissfully unaware – willingly or unwillingly – those that know (and lie) in a way, make a great point… maybe it will continue on forever. Maybe we’ll be paying $100 for an apple in a couple decades, and $1000 for a liter of regular gasolina. Hope you enjoy this one, as it’s a collaborative work between Ryan McLoughlin and myself, and its quite next level stuff!


  • Learning with AI
  • My Mother Cabbage Soup Recipe
  • Bootcamp Yourself
  • Kali Yuga Explained
  • Edit & Conclusion

Learning with AI

My primary tool for Chat GPT is for food and health related advice. Of course, I don’t use it to help me build and understand the fundamentals (otherwise I’d be quacked by now) but it serves as a pretty good assistant in this field. Although, from time to time, I feel as though I’m getting really close to its intellectual ceiling, and ponder getting GPT 4. In any case, I thought it would be interesting to share a couple topics I discussed with it lately.

Cholesterol in Eggs, Beef

Although I did not get too in depth with cholesterol (I use a lot of info from Dr. Eric Berg and Dr. Sten Ekberg), it did give me a table of all the different fats and types of cholesterol in eggs. I was hoping to do a comparison between three different types of eggs, but when it comes to making tables with more than 2 columns, GPT 3.5 can get a little buggy, although it can certainly be done. This table was accomplished on the sixth shot…


Pasture-Raised Chicken Eggs

Total Fat (grams)

4.5 – 6.5 (varies based on diet and egg size)

Trans Fat (grams)

Very low, typically less than 0.1 grams

Saturated Fat (grams)

1.4 – 2.2 (varies based on diet and egg size)

Monounsaturated Fat (grams)

2.0 – 3.5 (varies based on diet and egg size)

Polyunsaturated Fat (grams)

0.4 – 0.8 (varies based on diet and egg size)

Cholesterol (LDL) (milligrams)

175 – 200 (varies based on diet and egg size)

Cholesterol (HDL) (milligrams)

20 – 30 (varies based on diet and egg size)

I did it again for Striploin Steak, getting it on the fourth try: the cut is given: beef striploin (from Kanadian AAA). Cooking will be on bbq, assuming no salts or spices, rare. Redo charts and only include numerical values (a range is fine, no more than 20% variation). This is what it gave me:



Total Fat (grams)

72 – 86 (varies based on cut and cooking method)

Saturated Fat (grams)

30 – 38 (varies based on cut and cooking method)

Monounsaturated Fat (grams)

33 – 43 (varies based on cut and cooking method)

Polyunsaturated Fat (grams)

2 – 4 (varies based on cut and cooking method)

Trans Fat (grams)

Minimal (typically very low in unprocessed meat)

Cholesterol (LDL) (milligrams)

160 – 240 (varies based on cut and cooking method)

Cholesterol (HDL) (milligrams)

Varies based on cut and cooking method

Protein (grams)

112 – 128 (varies based on cut and cooking method)


880 – 1056 (varies based on cut and cooking method)

So, it would seem like a steak contains less LDL cholesterol than two eggs. The reason I am talking about this is because I was thinking, maybe there is something to the idea of eggs containing a lot of cholesterol. And in one video I watched, it did say numbness and tingling in hands, arms, legs, is a symptom of too much cholesterol. So, instead of it being caused by looking down a lot and lifting heavy rocks, perhaps it’s because I’ve been eating at least 4 or 5 eggs (and lately, 6 or 7) eggs a day! Perhaps all this cholesterol has built up. In any case, this example shows how AI helped add value to my life by giving me a simple comparison of two different wholesome foods and their fat content.

Side Note: After watching a bunch of YouTube videos about cholesterol (Dr. Eric Berg & Dr. Sten Ekberg), I’ve learnt that cholesterol isn’t the problem, but instead, inflammation, insulin resistance, and oxidative stress.

Redesigning my Abdominals Workout

In another chat with GPT, I got it to help me balance out an abs workout. It had too many different exercises – by the time I got near the end, I was already drained and couldn’t finish a set, where I know I normally could if it were the exercise that I started with. So, I explained to GPT that I wanted to turn this single regime into two, but since that would make too few exercises in each, to add a new one to both. And it did a pretty good job, adding the Russian Twist (or plate twist) to the first, and the Plank Twist to the second. I also told it to balance the workout according to which specific abdominals the exercises were to concentrate on. Afterwards, I reordered the list to my liking. I’d also like to add that the Russian (or plate) twist is an amazing exercise. I remember doing this years ago, and for whatever reason, it didn’t make it onto my abdominal regime, even though I remember thinking of it from time to time, but not adding it since my regime was already packed. It’s a pretty good abdominal workout, so overall, I’m very satisfied with the results.

I used it for a few more things, but as you can see, it’s a pretty amazing assistant to help you power through analysis and idea creation (and beyond), without sacrificing on quality. The truth is, I am a complete noob in this field. However, Ryan has been coaching me, and I hope to make serious strides in the coming months.

My Mothers Cabbage Soup (Káposztaleves)

My mothers cabbage soup, “káposztaleves” in Hungarian, has always helped me feel amazing. I swear it has restorative properties, perhaps from the cabbage, but likely a combination of all the ingredients. It’s absolutely amazing, and if you want make an authentic Hungarian dish, here are the ingredients and the recipe below:


  • Pork hock
  • Cabbage ball
  • Tomato & red pepper
  • Potatoes
  • Dill & Paprika
  • Oil plus flour
  • Garlic
  • Sour cream


  1. Put pork hock into a large pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil.
  2. Prepare tomatoes, red pepper, cabbage, potatoes, dill, and garlic (at least 3 pieces). Once meat is cooked and/or falling off the bone, remove it from water, separate bones, throw bones out (I left it in because I didn’t want any meat to go to waste… and because I’m lazy).
  3. Put in cut up tomato, red pepper and cabbage. Light boil for about half an hour or until cooked thoroughly.
  4. Put in sliced up potatoes and cook for 15min or until soft.
  5. Put in the cut up dill. Half can be tied using string and put in as well.
  6. [This is where I will put some diced up sweet pickled beets, to give a sweeter and more Borsche-like flavor, although it did not call for it].
  7. Prepare some fluid for Roux – if thin, use soup, if thick, use water.
  8. Put 2 tablespoons of oil in a saucepan under low heat, add flour slowly until almost as thick as yogurt/pudding. Cook until light brown.
  9. Add minced garlic and paprika powder (at least 2 tsp). Add prepared water/soup to thin the Roux. Pour into soup right away so it doesn’t thicken, and stir in well.
  10. Put sour cream (about 1 tablespoon per liter of soup) into the used saucepan and add soup base until very thin, then pour it all into the soup, stirring well.

Finished! Now enjoy your soup. If you like, you can add some extra sour cream to give an even richer and creamier taste.

Bootcamp Yourself, Forget About the Military

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been listening to a lot of self help videos. They mostly relate to diet and nutrition, but also touch on general lifestyle habits for feeling better, and other general hints and tips for leading a positive lifestyle. One of the things they talked about is the grind. In the Rocky movies, the grind is 30 seconds long, maybe a minute. But in reality, this grind takes months and even years. Going at it alone can be difficult, and it reminded me of Andrew Tates 27th tenet.

Many people connect the ideas of order and discipline with the military: They break the man, then build him back up to be as strong and effective as possible. But this doesn’t need to be the only way. We can do it ourselves, granted, there will be flaws. But the end result is that you created yourself. Not as a result of, or a thanks to, any other system, but because of your own self determination.

These videos have such incredibly insightful moments, I don’t know if I have any words to describe them. I feel the need to create a list and share it. There is no order here, and nothing is comprehensive. This is simply a list of incredible videos, with incredibly moving insights. Some lightbulb moments come an hour or two in, into the three-hour video. It’s probably something good to listen to while preoccupied with something that doesn’t require significant mental focus, like cooking, or driving.

The INSANE DIET & NUTRITION Guide To Ending Inflammation & REVERSE AGING | Dr. Steven Gundry

The 5 Foods You Will NEVER EAT Again After WATCHING THIS! | Dave Asprey

Debunking Success: Alcohol, Laziness & Social Media Addiction Isn’t Holding You Back | Alex Hormozi

Top 10 FOODS You Absolutely Should NOT Eat To Live Longer

Stop Chasing Happiness: Master The Psychology Of Pleasure, Power & Success Instead | Arthur Brooks

Why Waking Up At 3:30 am Everyday Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (Try This For 7 Days!) | Tom Bilyeu

Win The Game Of Life: 7 Greatest Ideas That Will Make You Reinvent Yourself | Jordan Peterson

The Backwards Law: Stop Chasing Happiness. Become Anti-fragile Instead. | Gad Saad

The #1 Money Lesson School Failed To Teach You [Escape The Rat Race] | Codie Sanchez

The Anti-Aging Protocol To REVERSE AGING & Live Over 120+ YEARS OLD | Bryan Johnson

23 Controversial Truths About Life – Alex Hormozi (4K) | Modern Wisdom 670

Kali Yuga Explained, by Ryan McLoughlin




Satya Yuga

4,800 years

A time of truth, perfection, and virtue. People are spiritually evolved, and there’s no malice or deceit. There’s unity, prosperity, and all beings live in harmony.

Treta Yuga

3,600 years

Morality and virtue start to diminish. This age sees the introduction of desires and the growth of the ego. Some negativity seeps in, but spiritual practices and principles still play a dominant role.

Dvapara Yuga

2,400 years

Decline in truth and virtue continues. People become more materialistic, and a divide between good and bad becomes more evident. Conflict arises, and spiritual practices aren’t as dominant.

Kali Yuga

1,200 years

This is the age of darkness, where morality and virtue are at their lowest. There’s a dominance of negativity, strife, conflicts, and decline in spiritual practices. Materialism and selfishness are rampant.

Avatars of Vishnu

The concept of avatars, especially in relation to Vishnu, is central in Hinduism. Lord Vishnu is said to incarnate in various forms during different Yugas to combat specific challenges and evils. The ten principal avatars of Vishnu, known as the ‘Dashavatara’

1. Matsya

2. Kurma

3. Varaha

4. Narasimha

5. Vamana

6. Parashurama

7. Rama

8. Krishna

9. Buddha

10. Kalki

Is it said that there are “people” manifest from the next age to come, and the people of the age they manifest into the see them as a diety ?? or some variation of this logic ?

In Hinduism, avatars like Lord Vishnu manifest in the physical world across different Yugas to restore cosmic order and righteousness when disrupted by chaos.

Splinter’s Odyssey: From Combat to Consciousness

The future is not forged by physical strength alone. True power lies deeper, in the mind, in the spirit. This was the revelation that came to Master Splinter, as if in a dream.

For endless days, he had battled the forces of Shredder. Their rivalry had spanned decades, an endless cycle of violence. How many buildings had collapsed? How many times had the city been shaken by their war? Always they fought, never tiring, never yielding. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. The clashes are so quick, beyond normal comprehension. Building-cleaving strikes and acrobatics defying physics. You’d never believe it if you saw it yourself.

But Splinter began to see the futility of it all. With each fight, nothing changed. The city around them suffered. The people lived in fear. This could not go on.

So Splinter devised a new path. He channeled his immense discipline into elevating his mind. Cleansing it of distractions and negativity. I’ve seen him meditate for days, honing his mental capabilities. They say he doesn’t even sleep anymore. Just remains in deep cerebral focus, expanding his consciousness.

And his progress became visible. His words carried new wisdom. He demonstrated skills and knowledge no ordinary being could match. Three-dimensional chess became child’s play. Riddles that stumped even AI he could decipher in seconds. I’ve seen him have entire textbooks on quantum mechanics read and mastered in an afternoon.

This display of supreme chronocontrol was strategic. As Splinter revealed his feats publicly, Shredder grew alarmed. Here was a demonstration of power and fortitude unlike any before. Try as he might, Shredder could not keep pace. While he strained to even comprehend Splinter’s new teachings, Splinter effortlessly absorbed entire university courses overnight.

Shredder’s spirit wavered. He came to understand that this battle was no longer physical. It was metaphysical. A contest of dedication, enlightenment and self-realization. Try as he might, Shredder could not touch Splinter anymore. Only watch in awe at the elevated plane of existence his rival had attained.

Eventually, he could take no more. Shredder’s quest for domination seemed petty now, pointless. He too saw the need for change. Thus did their rivalry dissolve. Where once stood bitter enemies now walked pioneers of the mind. Our world was changed by this realization. Their struggle gave birth to new hope. If they could transform, could we not also transcend our demons? Could mankind itself not elevate through dedication and discipline?

This was the warriors’ gift: revealing the indomitable power of the human spirit. What fate waits us? I do not know. But I hold one truth: that with an awakened mind, any end becomes a beginning.

Edit & Conclusion

This is a final edited version, nearly a month after the initial release. Due to the collaboration, I was introduced to a version of formatting I’ve never seen before: everything being placed into tables, along with a variety of other things. As you can see, I still haven’t perfectly merged it with my own, but I am going to be putting a more concentrated effort into making future newsletters much clearer, regardless of who I collaborate with. Learn and let go, that’s a big part of life!

My style of formatting is something I started doing several years ago, when I was trying to edit documents from group members, and realized how the way I formatted thing did not combine well with what the other group members had, or vise versa. I made it so that I could just copy and paste what I did into another person’s document, or vise-versa, while still having it look good. I forgot that the rest of the world doesn’t share my same experiences. I probably gave Ryan a bit of a headache about it. However, learning and letting go, that’s a big part of life!

Also, I think it’s important to mention that I have a lot of things in development at the moment, in addition to 50-70 hour work-weeks… and eating healthy and getting “enough” sleep, is not something I am willing to compromise on any further. Thus, I will be putting off these articles for at least another month, likely just into the new year, but possibly even later. I have a bunch of topics already lined up, as well as a topic from another writer, but I want the start of the next series to be top notch. Oh yes, this is certainly the end of the Slavish Saga.

As always, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the next series, The Resurrection of Ra!

Thomas Fodor

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