• Eat the WEF: How Much Could They Feed? A Financial Analysis
  • The AnCap Movement: Never Again Can It Degrade into Statism
  • Edmonton: How is the Apocalypse Going?
  • The Dollar Vigilante Shoutout – Anarchapulco & Jeff Berwick
  • Struggling Doing the Right Thing

Eating the WEF: How Much Could They Feed? A Financial Analysis

Isn’t it interesting how all the plans that governments and public-private partnerships end up doing, in fact perpetuate the very crimes and inequalities which they claim to help eliminate? Take recycling for instance. Governments pay private companies to recycle plastic or paper, but most of the time it ends up going into the landfill anyway. This is usually because the material they obtain is too contaminated to clean and still turn a profit – even with massive government subsidies. It’s more economical to make new paper or plastic products. That’s not to say plastics and papers shouldn’t be dealt with in an environmental way, that’s another story altogether. The point is, these private-public partnerships make themselves look good, but in fact do bad things. So, taking the “eat the rich” to another level, how much money could be raised if we ate the WEF and sent the proceeds to the poor and starving (wherever they may be)?

According to their 2021-2022 annual report[1] there were about 2000 delegates at their 2022 meeting in Davos. There are some sources that state attendees of up to 3000. The cost for these delegates’ companies? Anywhere from $52,000 to $71,000, with some high-level members paying over $600,000 USD[2]! Let’s take this lower number, and forget about individuals memberships, which range from free, to 90 Euro per month[3]. The math: $52,000/delegate x 2000 delegates = $104,000,000…. 104 million USD! In this day and age of sending billions to Ukraine to help prolong a genocide, maybe this doesn’t sound too big, but keep in mind that this is essentially a floor value. It could go as high as a billion or more!

To be clear, this idea doesn’t actually “eat” them (or eliminate, as they would effectively mean if they used this term upon us) as it simply takes the proceeds which would have been funneled into the global terrorist organization, and gives them to poor, hungry, starving people. To come full circle and shoot this highdea down…how would this even be enforced? It couldn’t be possible. It’s an idea just as bad as the ideas which these Marx loving homicidal maniacs come up with. But I though it was an interesting thought/finance experiment. In short, the answer is at least 100 million USD.

I tried to make hotspot AI draw Klaus Schwab on a farm, but this is the best that it could give me!

The AnCap Movement: Never Again Can It Degrade into Statism

I recently looked into becoming a Liberland citizen, and did write about it in episode 3 of this Saga, before I got a little more organized. I read in their constitution [4]:

…we declare that whenever the Public Administration becomes an obstacle to, rather than a guarantor of, our Rights, it shall be our duty to alter or abolish such government, and to institute a new government for the restoration of the Rights which we consider inherent in all human beings

Didn’t the founding fathers of the United States want the same exact thing? Given how words can be interpreted in various ways, and manipulated/amended by overpaid suits…if Liberland is to survive in the long term and maintain it’s founding principals of Libertarianism, how will it logically and measurably hold onto it’s principals stated above, in it’s constitution? Besides trusting on the future to enforce it, and not misinterpret it, and justify it, based on their current events, my point is there aught to be a more logical, factual, and foolproof method of ensuring government tyranny never happens again. For instance, government funding must always be less than the previous years expenditures. No exceptions.

The Flag of Liberland

Edmonton: How is the Apocalypse Going?

I just wanted to give an update as to the apocalypse here in Edmonton: Homicides are on the rise. I hear about it in the news, and my roommates talk about it. You can easily find something different each time you do a search. Also, the same immigration policies apply here, as they do all over Kanada. My homeowner works at the airport, and they say that every single day, a plane full of Afghani refugees arrives at the international airport. So, the libertard government act of replacing the current population of Kanada, with migrants, is still underway. (Un)fortunately, they are too stupid to realize that many cultures from the middle east are even less tolerant of LG+ bs practises being taught to their kids, than white folks are here. See Wednesday September 20th. Cops are getting killed, homeless people are still struggling, and so on. As far as what I can see, the creep of degradation is truly an art that must be respected in its own way. People know it’s bad, but do they know how bad? Do we know how bad? The prices are going up substantially, but our society still tolerates politicians, bureaurats, government think-tanks, lobbyists, and other useless suits, and even tolerates themselves being called useless eaters. We are all just a bunch of useless eaters, aren’t we, Mr. Horror Horraldi?

Anyway, things haven’t heated up that much quite yet, we are reaching a point of super-oversaturation, at which point I am not sure if even the docilest of docile-bread docilees can remain docile, I’m just not sure it’s possible for life to exist in such a docile state (it’s like biology, cells don’t just self terminate). When the farmer realizes he’s raised a rooster that will tear his kids apart if he tries to capture a chicken for dinner, that rooster is usually offed pretty quickly. This is why I think I see myself creating a “how’s Edmonton going?” section in future articles. I think things will start getting pretty dicey, pretty soon, and when they do, I’d like to report on it.

The Dollar Vigilante Shoutout – Anarchapulco

I also want to give a more formal and official shout out to Jeff Berwick, founder of The Dollar Vigilante (that’s a link to his Odysee channel, best quality videos, but can also be found on Rumble, and of course… bitchute), and Anarchapulco, down in Acapulco, Mexico. He and his event are an amazing beacon of light, and I highly recommend anyone who’s like minded in attending his event down in Mexico, which is happening February 12-16th (2024). I was speaking with Ryan about this last night, and it looks like he’s definitely going. However, I have this feeling that it won’t work out, and it’s mainly around money and this new job I have (I already took 2 weeks off for returning to Toronto for Christmas). I would say the base minimum amount to go with, all inclusive is $4000. A thousand bucks for the plane, another 600 for the tickets, and 400 for some practical accommodations, leaving 2000 for the enjoyment of a week or two. Granted, I did go for 15 days, which I am basing that 4 grand on; I guess 2000 for a single week is overkill, especially if you’ve already been before, and you know how to take the collectivo. I am the kind of person that hopes for the best, but expects the worst. If the apocalypse happens before then, then most of us are not going. But if it doesn’t, and I really want to go, I’m sure I can figure things out with work.

Anyways, Jeff, Lucy, and their videos, make it remarkably easy to keep up to date with current events, in the most time efficient way possible (even though his videos are long and he’s sort of garrulous for the first half hour). He really puts it all into perspective, and also gives his audience a good laugh (the memes he shows are impeccable). Anyway, if anyone even reads this, I highly recommend his videos – he seems to be breaking through a shell of jaggedness, and being more tolerant of other kinds of people, so I can now comfortably say that I recommend his videos to anyone and everyone.

Jeff’s channel on Odysee, quality up to 1080p, for the Memes

Struggling Doing the Right Thing

Now, on a personal note. A few weeks ago, I received a text from my cousin’s girlfriend, asking me if I said something to my cousin about sleeping with her, or some sort of idea about sleeping with here. I was on my way to work at the time, but when I arrived, I simply said no. I didn’t. I never even thought about it. And given the opportunity, I would not. I honored my cousin, and would have followed him into battle even facing certain death. Note the past tense: honored, would have. A few hours later, around noon, I received a few texts from him, calling me a goon, threatening to rip my arms off, feed my nuts to the neighbour’s dog, calling me a bitch. I asked why. No accusation, just a response of calling me a dirty fucking snake. Now some deeper context, if previous context wasn’t enough. I left on a trip westward into Kanada, not knowing if I would survive. That meant next to no safety net. I had no one there to back me up if things went sideways. That being said, I left my life-savings in pirate treasure with him. I trusted him so much; he was the only person listed as an emergency contact in my phone. The only person with a red star next to their name. I would have followed him into the killing fields.

Without even an accusation or question, he assumed I did something horrible, which I did not. I simply said I couldn’t believe how immature they were both acting, and to leave me out of their shit. A week or two went by and after some thought, realized… it must have been her that said something…and I texted her back, asking, did you? No reply, another week, I replied to her actual text, and asked again… did YOU? A day later: No Tomi. And then another, I’m not supposed to talk to you anymore, sorry. I text his daughter and find out he and his girlfriend are on the east coast. So things worked out, but he doesn’t reply to me…?

So…I do not know what’s going on. But I do know two things. The person I trusted most, assumed I had no honor, and in a sense, betrayed me on that assumption. And two, that that is the same person I left my life savings with. For all I know, it’s all gone. In his mind, I betrayed him, so maybe it’s OK to take all my money. Or maybe not? Who the heck knows. Anyway, I’m sure it will work out, regardless of what happens… it’s just so disappointing and disheartening, how some people who you think are great, turn out to be completely different in reality. Another lesson of trust no one. Good one God! I’ll try to learn that again this time.

As always, thanks for reading, whoever you are. Remember, if you’re reading this, you are the resistance.

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