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The Human Avatars: A Matrix, a Test, a Looking Glass

As I was working this week, I was pondering the meaning of life again, taking into consideration as much as I know. The reality is that I am but a pawn, amongst skookum chest masters. If war were to break out tomorrow, I would be tossed into the killing fields, just like any other schmuck. Or, perhaps, one of the gulags they’ve been building over the years, to be starved and/or tortured to death. One of the ideas I thought of was that we are like avatars, for our alien overwatchers. What better way to evince the true nature of a creature, than to observe its interactions with it’s like over the course of a lifetime (perhaps to them, but a blink of a metaphysical eye). Like a grand and spiritual intergalactic method of test.

The thing is, there is so much suffering amongst the world, surely, we must have failed the test by now, no? Why is this still going on? How have we not failed? Perhaps our alien overlords have a deep desire for extracting schadenfreude – pleasure from other’s misfortune. If that’s true, then we are all doomed to damnation, we should at least die with some honor and dignity, taking as many evil doers’ eyes out as possible. If there is no bottom for degeneration, we should at least stand for what we believe in, the alternative is dying on our knees.

A link between looking down, and pinched nerve for left arm

During this week, I noticed a weird sensation in my left arm, sort of like a numbness and tingling feeling. I think it started on Tuesday – during the job, I’m looking down into a hole as we dig, and this week, I’ve been lifting rocks weighing well over 100lbs. I asked my operator if they have the same feeling, and they said they experience it as well, especially in the left arm. I know it’s just one other person, but it seems like a confirmation in the direction that looking down a lot can cause a pinched nerve in the arms, particularly in the left (but I suppose it can differ from person to person).

Oh no… they’re back!

That same day, as we were finishing our shift, I noticed a lot of people in their car wearing a mask. I started to laugh a little as a taxi drove by with the driver wearing one. But this is pretty common, I’m sure we’ve all seen it. My operator asked, what’s so funny? Right after she asked that, a guy in his 50’s or 60’s driving a red convertible, wearing a blue surgeons mask, drove by. We both burst out laughing, it was so classically comical, so surreal, like a late ’90s movie, or a well timed NPC interaction in the best 3D GTA videogame ever conceived. Anyways, it’s September 2023, and the vicissitude is in the air. It’s so thick, we may even choke from it before the smoke from the wildfires (that the governments are setting, letting criminals set, or a combination of both) chokes us.

My Designs, continued

I’ve stopped making designs for over a quarter of a year, but I had a bunch of design ideas stacked up. I decided to go through them and make some of the better ones I thought of. The first, a bit more of a political/philosophical design, where I used AI to generate a cool looking logo for, can be found here. The second one, a design for those that love chocolate, and is also a play on a song that refers to the white substance (I think) – it can be found here. I used an AI text to image generator for both designs, but it wasn’t easy as I had to go through over a dozen images, especially for the first one – now I’m all out of free credits. Using AI to generate a picture based on text saved me a substantial amount of time and energy, creating something that would have taken me several hours to design.

Concluding Thoughts

That’s all for this edition. I’ve been incrementally making them better and better, while trying my best to reduce the effort I put in by only including things I am really passionate about, or stuff of substance. Like the quote from Bruce Lee: The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be. I know my content contains quite a range of disparate topics, but that’s the way I am, and I love it. Anything else would be too boring. Oh, before I forget, I want to include some words and thoughts for my future self: Right now, you are experiencing a moment saturated with the anticipation of a revolutionarily twist in history; a moment with immense uncertainty, is this just a feeling that will fade, despite the facts of our economic state? It may not happen next week, next month, or even next year, but when it does, remember your creed:

I shall not initiate the use of force unto others, nor will I act jointly with those that do

I will take care of myself: my mind, body, and spirit, for the present as well as for the future

I will practise temperance, diligence, fortitude and cleanliness, to the best of my ability

    Temperance: being humble, patient, mannered, respectful, thoughtful, and caring

    Diligence: good work ethic, true to one’s word, perseverance, competence

    Fortitude: remaining strong in the face of adversity, holding your head up high, braveness, courage, positive

    Cleanliness: unequivocal accord with any drugs or foreign substances, good hygiene, organized


Thanks for reading, and until next time,

Thomas Fodor

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