Sunday September 3rd

I wasn’t able to see the new moon on the 30th, and also, as of now, nothing seems to be happening. Everything is quiet… and many people are noticing and saying, it’s a little too quiet. The air is basically saturated with energy, possibly even supersaturated (the Shitpressure is off the charts). If I had to bet, I would say it’s been supersaturated since a week ago – the Shitstorm is about to hit the fan any minute, I can feel it.

What have I been up to lately? Well, I’ve been watching a little too many videos (doom-scrolling, sort of). I think I should probably stop, and just stick to The Dollar Vigilante, because it’s only 2 videos a week. The reason I have been watching so many, and still have many on my Watch Later list, is because I want to know what’s going on (specifically current events), and I want to learn. Many of them are health related as well. I also downloaded the intro songs to Jeff’s videos (creator of The Dollar Vigilante), as they are pretty good, with lyrics related to current events. I save them to a playlist, and download the playlist from YouTube via 4K YouTube to MP3, which is a lifetime software, and cheap enough for anyone to afford, once they hit about 25 songs.

I’ve also been reading his newsletter, which is quite information packed that isn’t in his videos. This weekend I also shopped for food, clothes, other stuff, and retitled some past articles so they have titles that are a little more descriptive. I’m following my YouTube title format, which I started at the letter ‘s’ (I don’t know why I chose that letter) and go backwards in the alphabet. So, my first playlists 1-4 was Sanchez & Salvador (1,2,3,4), the second round (1 to 4) was called Rahul & Rickardo, and so on. Anyways, I do think that my video binge watching is a form of procrastination, and I need to focus on more productive things.

Tomorrow is labor day, and I am on call, but hopefully I don’t have to work. I will finish painting my car (after a car wash), try to finish reading some material, and write my goals out (things I want, financially, materially, romantically, etc). This way, I know what I want, and it will be easier to obtain it, and have less excuses for not being happy with what I have.

I also want to do some more website work, and make it look more professional. This is important because I want to create a software application which I want to market using my website. Well, I would advertise elsewhere, and link it back to my website. When people stumble across it, I don’t want them to close the webpage due to how horrible it looks – advertising is expensive! Anyways, I need to have absolutely nothing else going on– or at least, very little – once I start developing this program, as I have zero experience (I think) making executable files.

What kind of software: A simple and intuitive blue light controller. If nothing else, it will be great for my own use. Oh, and before I forget (I did forget, updated on Monday), I released my new playlist, ending the ‘K’ series, Kuku & Kiki 4, the only song missing is the DISEASE X song, that’s on Twitter, but can also be found on BitChute (incase they remove it, I couldn’t find it using any search, on brave, or on the website – I had to get it via the link in the description on Jeff’s TDV video). It does not appear to be on YouTube.

That’s all for now. Once again, thanks for reading!

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