Thursday August 24

Working on a hydrovac crew, I can describe my job as being quite obstreperous – it’s loud, noisy, and quite rough work. We work when it’s hard, we work when it’s soft (and sinking), in the rain, in the scorching sun – we don’t make excuses, we get the job done. If I am going to be a paterfamilias, the paterfamilias within my own clan, I need to be tough, and being strong is definitely a prerequisite for this position. It going to help me solidify those positive attributes, and bring to light those which I need to improve upon, to make a radical kaleidoscopic change on, or to shatter completely. I see tough times coming, right around the corner…

Saturday August 26

Working on my laptop in a Tims around the corner from home. I looked into applying for Liberland citizenship, but it costs 150 USD for a standard card, 1000 USD for gold card, and 5100 USD for citizenship with gold card plus. At the moment, I am not ready for these kinds of expenses. I am still waiting to get my Hungarian citizenship, but at least I am in the process of moving forwards. Last weekend I painted half my car, and I am planning to do the other half next weekend, short of a societal collapse. I have been preparing as much as if feasible for me, but I am in quite a tricky position. I am still recovering from expenses. These kinds of things usually happen slowly, so I should be find. However, I do know that there is a certain point where it happens suddenly.

Make no mistake about: no amount of suffrage, or selections, will bring us out of this point of global conspiratorial dehumanization. It’s like, certain groups have gotten into power, and once that happened, the destiny, the path, was forever altered. And it kept happening time and time again. Not only did the fed gain control over the financial infrastructure of the USSA (and the world) but since then, countless anti-humanistic and criminal organizations have seized power over select fields and industries. We are at a point where anyone who speaks even an iota of truth, is faced with gross borak – they are ridiculed, framed as idiots and morons. Anyways…

During the week, I ordered some more stuff for car prepping. I want to be able to power my cooler box from the cars battery, while it is off and no key in it. Currently, the aux cigarette ports only provide power if the key is in the on position. All I need is a female 8mm to female aux port, which will allow my cooler box to be connected directly to my battery via the existing wire I have. Currently, me ePN affiliate is at $5.2 (+ $0), hopefully the value in bracket increases soon, so I know that my affiliate is still working. I am planning to update my website soon. In the fall, I plan to release my new product. Also, I looked into my software idea creation, and will be using OpenAI to help me in it’s development. Neither of these projects will be easy, but it’s better than the alternative.

Oh also, it seems my cousin and his girlfriend are trying to drag me into their drama. I have no idea why or how it’s even possible, being that I’m over 3000km away, but I got some weird texts from them which I’m not going to divulge here. It’s quite freaky for me, seeing as how greatly I’ve entrusted him with some of my personal items. He is usually quite confident in his words and actions, and I am not sure if I have ever convinced or dissuaded him of anything. Anyway, it seems quite possible that he may be stabbing me in the back, with the concrete belief that I in fact betrayed him first – which is not true. If that’s the case, I basically have to start over – again. And I got to thinking, this has happened before, I’m sure it has. Where I was betrayed, but I have not learned that I can’t trust anyone except myself, and that I need to build something which creates dividends upon itself. Since people will continue to betray me, when it does inevitably happen, my time can go into creating dividends upon dividends which have previously been re-invested on themselves, and so on. So, these backstab events will have less and less impact on my life, financial or otherwise.

Sunday August 27

Although I woke up at 5am, I went back to bed, several times, until around 1pm! Catching up on sleep (which isn’t a thing, but I’ll do it anyways) felt pretty good…well overdue. I should have had more water while doing this, as I felt sort of hung over after this. I finally went to the gym to do a real workout, which I haven’t done in about a month. Although I went about once a week to do a light workout, and went about 3 times a week for massages, my last workout was July 22, when I pulled my back. Since then, I’ve been discovering my intolerance/sensitivity to gluten and/or wheat (or GMO/processed wheat, at least) and how it creates a myriad of problems with my body, one of them being near debilitating inflammation.

I’ve been quite pawky over the last few weeks, using OpenAI to help me figure out my health problems, including the order in which I eat my foods (salads first, to introduce the diverse set of enzymes). I was starting to think I was unable to eat FODMAPs (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols) but since completely removing gluten/wheat, I haven’t really had any serious problems. Anyways, I am still in the process of figuring things out – another food which I think may be slightly problematic is onions (a FODMAP, causing gas) and lactose/casein, but it may have just been leftover symptoms from the bread. I do have a list of foods from an igG antibody test, with quite a long list of foods I am “sensitive” to. Anyways…

A quick story: I did a food fast last work week, which I finished on Friday. How did I decide to re-nourish my starving body? The first thing I had was some sort of pastry (it was only a nibble, like 1/8th of a cookie thing) but I did follow it with a salad…about 2-3 hours later (I was underwear shopping in the mall), my back started aching like I just injured it. Half an hour later I needed to sit down, and I had symptoms similar to ones I had in the past. I quit smoking due to those symptoms, but thanks to the notes I’ve been taking, I’ve finally connected the dots!

Now, talking about why this happened in the first place is a whole nother story on its own. Did I talk about it already? Articles need to be titled properly, like this: Hard work, Liberland, Global conspirators, Online sales for car prep, Other people’s drama miss me, Sunday sleep-in, Food issues, Fast story.

Thanks for reading, and keep fighting the good fight!










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