The iFu – Cordless Precision Screwdriver


Life can be great, but sometimes, life gives us carpel tunnel. So we need a solution, and abandoning projects is not one of them. We bring you the iFu.

The iFu is a super portable and compact cordless precision screwdriver, great for assembling/disassembling small and medium sized equipment. Operate it manually, or simultaneously with electric power.

Note that this tool is intended to make it less menial to remove screws once already loosened, not as a tool for removing screws tightened by tightopaths. It provides adequate torque for tightening screws to a simple degree.

Comes with 18 common bit pieces and a magnetic head. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included).

The iFu, just what you need, right where you need it.


Estimated delivery is 3–5 weeks.

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