Panasonic LR43 Button Cell Batteries – 10 pack


A 10–pack of model LR43 batteries. If you need these batteries RIGHT NOW, and it’s a matter of LIFE OR DEATH, then go to the store. If you can wait a few weeks and want more batteries for your buck, the choice is clear.

For use with our Firefly’s bike tire valve safety light.

1. Avoid direct contact between +/- terminals.
2. Do not solder directly onto the surface of the battery.
3. Keep batteries far out of reach of children.
4. Store batteries in cool & dry place to prolong life.
5. Do not try to recharge. These are non–rechargeable.
6. Do not dispose of in fire or garbage.
7. Do not mix with different battery types.


Estimated delivery is 35–55 days.

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