One-Stop HDMI Cable – 2 types, 11 lengths


We all need HDMI cables, they are a very common video connection technology. However, electronic stores seem to use a lot of fancy marketing to make consumers spend more. Gold plated connectors are nothing special.

Gold is mainly used because it has a high resistance to oxidation and corrosion. It can be a major factor for people who live in a humid environment, such as near lakes, rivers, and the ocean. It is not a better conductor.

The cables are compatible with all HDMI resolutions and contain a special gas-injected dielectric with triple shielding, like every professionally made HDMI cable is. If you take care of it, it will definitely last!

We know that when people need an HDMI cable, they need one right then and there. They will simply go to the store and buy one — without somehow having the foresight to buy cables 4 or 5 weeks in advance.

What kind of normal person does that? What kind of psycho-path do we think you are? Yes, the shipping time is long, but at least we aren’t lying to you!


Estimated delivery is 4–5 weeks.

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