Sunday July 23

I think that I’m going to reduce these articles to once or twice a week. Perhaps I’ll do one on Friday, to summarize the work week, and one on Sunday to summarize the weekend. Today was a nice relaxing day. I went to Walmart and got groceries. I realized I forgot some things, so I went back out but went to Value Village to exchange the bread knife I got for something I would actually use. I picked out a giant coffee cup that doubles as a bowl, and a pan lid, for when I bbq. They didn’t want to accept my return for the knife because apparently, they only do exchanges on clothes. I explained how I already did an exchange from pants, to the knife, because I would ruin the pants by the time I did the exchange. After some convincing, they accepted the exchange. I got some dark chocolate at Dollarscama before my first trip, and again before the value village trip. Mmm, dark chocolate.

I have my car situation pretty organized; I figured out a better layout. I am thinking I may continue to stay in my car throughout the week, and stay in my rental on the weekend. This way I can continue to live a [hybrid] nomadic lifestyle. So basically, Monday-Thursday nights in my car in Walmart parking lot, and Friday-Sunday nights in my rental. The only thing is, I already filled up the fridge with food that is already at the best before date… so I am still working this out. I think the situation will make itself clear, when the time is right. I am adamant at continuing to sleep in my car as much as reasonably possible. I think the ability to sleep and live out of my car is a skill that may become extremely valuable in the future – especially in a SHTF situation.

My back is still hurt from the injury yesterday. I could complain about it, but there is always significant resistance in life. If living out of my car isn’t difficult, then there has to be something that is, and that’s my ability to move my body without it hurting. I was thinking about calling in work to take tomorrow off, but I will not. If God wants me to die, then so be it, but I won’t take a day off. He can kill me and I can go say hi, then ask him, why not kill me quickly? Why make me suffer? Did I do something horrific in my past life, or is this just the way it must be? Anyways, I maintained my bread free diet today, with the exception of half a muffin. I checked the ingredient afterwards: yep, canola. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind it if it wasn’t in literally everything. It’s just so unbelievable how they have to use the same tangy smelling plant is 99% of all foods. I did laundry and caught up on reading. Time to sleep!


Dollarscama: $3.15

Walmart: $71.15

Dollar Tree: $1.60

Superstore: $7.35

Total: $83.25


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