Saturday July 22nd

I woke up in a bed this morning! I feel weird. Maybe it’s because I ate enough bread to kill a small African village last night. I went to the gym and injured my back on the second exercise (cable row), got a hydro massage, then went to the bank and paid off my visa. Went to Walmart and paid $0.90 for a container of what tastes like cream cheese, says yogurt on the side, and has Arabic lettering on it. Then I went to the farmers market and got some sprouts, bison meat, and an amazing looking cinnamon roll. Now I am at Tims and finished the pastry, which was delicious. I am wrecking my body with bread. I have to revise my daily reminders to include “No eating bread”, because I think it’s not part of a healthy diet.

While here at Tims, I applied some contact cement onto the connector piece that charges my powerbox. I looked up afterwards how it holds up to heat, and it doesn’t look good, but I’ve already applied it. I’ve caught up on my articles, posted and done some other things. I still want to clean out my car, do laundry, and paint my black phone case white. I also have yet to do the reading that I wanted – the newsletter has been out for over a week now and I’ve barely gotten really into it.

I went back to that work clothes store, got a nice pair of coveralls and the work sockettes I needed. Then I came ‘home’, organized a bunch of my stuff, spray painted my phone, made dinner (I bbq’d some bison), showered, now here I am, reading my July TDV issue. Eating local is super expensive. I spent over $20, ate it all, and I am still hungry. However, I ate a lot of poison last night, so I should really give my stomach a break.


 Walmart: $0.90

Farmers Market: $23.80

Tims: $2.50

Work Clothes: $169.05

Total: $196.25


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