Tuesday July 18th

I forgot to add the Dollarscama dark chocolate into my previous days expense, plus 7 bucks worth of gas.

Since it rained so much, work started much later. I drove down to the area to get cheap gas, then read the TDV newsletter for an hour. Worked from around 10:30am-5:30pm, then went back to the same gym to shower. I was sort of feeling confused, not exactly sure what I should do. I’m still getting used to the schedule of having work. Afterwards, I went to superstore, thinking I was gonna get some Wagyu burgers. I found that they raised the price, and it was already pretty expensive. Plus, I wanted to split it with someone, but didn’t fully think that plan through. Instead, I got a big box of blueberries and some bottled kefir. I tortured myself by walking through the bakery section. I somehow managed to not get any garbage, rationalizing with another form of poison: taco time. I got 5 tacos. Hey, it’s better then 50% sugar / 50% enriched wheat flour.

I don’t have much else to write about. I’m still pretty tired and I’m undergoing a lot of changes in my life right now. I want to tally up all my expenses so far from my travels (and in general), but after some thought, I’ll probably do it for the past 30 days. I’ve started looking for a room for rent, but my expenses are probably going to be so outrageous, I have to save as much as I can, so I can break even asap. I’ll also be working up towards a fast (or, a soft fast) over the next day or two. I’ll probably stick to only 1 coffee per day now. I’m just chilling in the town south of Edmonton, near work, in Wallys parking lot. In my car, listening to Jeff. Anyways, the weekend will be much more interesting. Until then, I just got to get used to things until I’ll know what to do with myself during the weekday. Cheers!

My expenses, including yesterday’s forgotten chocolate and gas.

Chocolate: $1.60    Gas: $7        Tims: 2.45    Gas: $55    Superstore: $10.60    Taco Time: $10.50    Total: $87.15

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