Sunday July 16th

The night of Saturday I made some food and ate it, even though I wasn’t hungry, since I didn’t really eat anything all day. I tried to go to bed right after, as I had to get up at 5am to go to my new job. Bad idea – I kind of felt sick. I had to get up a couple hours later so I could help my body process the food. Eating right before bed is usually a really bad idea! I also don’t think I got enough nicotine, and that variable of withdrawal made it difficult to sleep, combined with the tension of not wanting to be late for work – I tossed and turned all night. Oh yea also, I gave a lady begger some change outside Walmart, she was very sweet, and the principle of giving has not let me down so far, after all, I have a job now!

I have never had such a long work day in my life. I am equipment helper for a hydrovacing company located in southern Edmonton. I won’t be going into the details as I am just starting, I have very limited time since I have to leave for work in 10 minutes, etc. I left the parking lot around 5:15am, got to the truck depot around 5:45am, and our truck left 6:15am. I punched out over 15 ½ hours later, at 9:55pm. It was a super long day, my first day, on a Sunday! Anyways, I was looking for a room to rent and messaging people about viewings.

Since Walmart’s were all closed in this city by the time I could get there, I went to a place called Freson Bros and it was a really nice store with an absolutely massive selection. Their prices weren’t that bad either, especially for their blueberries. Other things they had definitely did cost more, but it wasn’t like the “Save on Foods” stores. Anyways, I ate, then went to bed – not before reorganizing my car a bit, so now I have the back right seat open, so I have way more room and can sit upright a little. I don’t know how I did it before, without having this seat open – it was getting super uncomfortable. Now it’s way better, I can stretch out more easily. I am starting to think, do I even want to rent a place yet? Everything is so crappy, I should take my time, save up my money, and get something good, that is price friendly too. One of those gems, you know? Heck, maybe even buy my own place! Anyways, I have to go to work, that’s it for now, see ya!

Expenses Saturday:

Walmart Saturday night: $5.05        Homeless lady: ~$1.50

Expenses Sunday:

Tims: $2.45    Freson Bros: $11.30    Subtotal: $20.30

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