Friday July 14th

Last night while I was at the Tims, Bob showed me his Lancer. It looked like a fun ride, and he told me about some things I don’t think I should share on here for the sake of honor in privacy, but anyway, I had to apply for some jobs. I had 9 postings laid out for myself off of Indeed, and ended up applying for 6. When they say that need someone with their A1 or their airbrake license, and don’t say they are willing to train, or if it’s a city job with an overly complicated application process, I decided against using the scarce amount of time for applying. Maybe the city job could have used some more time, I digress. Next time.

I slept in to around 9:45am this morning and started looking at some ads on Kijiji. The semi that was just south of Winnipeg, that was on sale for I think 15 grand, was gone. I looked at some silver. Then I looked at some free stuff. There seems to be more of a market for free stuff and scrap collection out here. I looked at how much a trailer hitch would cost, full with installation, and it would be just under $700 CAD. Then I would need a trailer, about the same price, maybe a lot less if I’m lucky. This would be an interesting endeavor… scrap collection in Edmonton. I suppose I could also look into doing small trailer hauls. If it doesn’t work out, that’s $700 gone for the hitch that I won’t use. But at the same time, I can just get a trailer and do scrap collection… this is something I am seriously going to look into today… By the time I got to the usual Tims, it was 11am.

I forgot to email my resume to the dispatch driver I spoke to yesterday on the phone, so I quickly verified the email (in case I misheard it) then sent it off. Then I left, thinking I was going to make food. As I was navigating in the parking lot, I decided I would go to the gym. I felt like I would be pretty stupid if I didn’t go to the gym. It was time for chest and biceps, so I did a quick warmup on the treadmill (which I usually skip) maxing the incline out. It would be pretty cool to be able to do like a 45° incline. On my way out (and also on the way in) I did notice how smokey it was. My lungs don’t feel it, but I did quit smoking over a week ago. Not like it makes that big of a difference. I kind of like the haze, I think it more accurately depicts the current state of our world – burning the fuck down.

I showered afterwards, then went to dollar tree. Last time I was at one of these stores (Huntsville) I got some extremely quality chocolate bar, it looked like it was made 50 years ago, the packaging was so good – non-GMO and all. I couldn’t find the same brand despite looking through the whole store, but I still got some good non-GMO dark chocolate. While I was there, I heard a woman speaking with her kids, and it was an interaction on some different level. I had to turn around and find her to ask her what’s going on. Apparently, her two girls “chose” a challenge where they can get anything that they want at this store, as long as they don’t drop anything and they can’t use any bags. On their way out at the register, they wanted to use their mouth, and their mother corrected them. This is the kind of stuff I like to see – humans that are still alive.

On my way to Walmart, I coated that bar in peanut butter. It tasted so damn good; I know I deserved it because of my workout. Oh yea, I forgot to mention one of the sites I witnessed at the gym. Now, I can’t be certain, I don’t think we can ever be, but I am pretty sure I saw one of those famous man-woman at the gym. Clearly by their size, they were a man, yet with some super feminine facial qualities and hair. The gym is all about equality and LGBTQ friendliness bullcrap, but I think I could get 99% of the woman on my side by calling this woman killer out. I mean really, they could literally be the result of a super hard-working and diligent female athletes’ death in the future. Fucking outrageous and scary shit. I mean I was thinking I would say like, “hey, are you a man, a woman, or an ‘other’?”, bah… I’m going to get my ass kicked one day haha.

On another note, while I was showering, I was thinking aboot my website, blogging, and business in general. I should organize my website so that I have my blog clearly presented under a “Tomi travels” headline, and my scrap/garbage/towing business under a “Tomi takeaway” headline. And then another headline for a product I want to launch in the fall, and have a “Tomi technology” headline for that, as well as any other products I like and want to sell on that page. The only other thing I would need to do is market it with paid ads, like on FBIbook and maybe something else. Otherwise, no one will find it. But yea, it’s coming along! I need to believe in myself more.

At Walmart, I parked in the same spot as yesterday, but this time, in front of a Winnebago. At first, I was like, “aww, they took my spot” but I saw that there was enough room for me, and then I was like ‘aww yea, perfect camouflage”. I got a super awesome looking steak that was on sale, an onion, garlic, and a massive bag of bananas that was only a single dollar. It’s like 10 large sized bananas – my plan was to hand them out to people for free (girls at the mall), maybe make some friends.

I went back to my car, and quickly got to work on dinner. I missed a call from Mark, an employer I applied to last night for excavation help. I finished dinner, texted him back, and he phoned me as I was cleaning up. So, it’s not 100% yet, but it looks like I have a job. I am meeting him tomorrow at 1pm (I think it’s an interview, so I’ll dress as nice as I can) in Nisku, a place I was told back in Saskatoon that had a lot of jobs. On my way back to my homebase Tims, I called a U-Haul to ensure they can accept my Ontario license, they said absolutely – so that’s great news! I see scrap all over the place, even if I don’t make a lot of money, it would be a lot of fun driving around in a huge van and pickup up all kinda of scrap. The only thing is, as far as I can tell, the scrap places around here are closed on the weekends.

Back at Tims: I have literally asked about a dozen people so far, including the entire Tims staff, and nobody has taken me up on my offer yet. I did give one to Bob though . This banana introduction is actually so badass, I feel invincible with this bag of bananas. I mean, obviously it doesn’t give me the privilege to approach anyone, anywhere, but why would I want to waste my time (or my bananas) anyway? It’s like, if I feel like it, I can strike up a ‘hey’, a ‘hi’, a ‘how’s it going?’ or a ‘would you like a banana?’ and also, banana<->something else, right? ;-] OK, time to go to bed!


Tims: $2.45    Dollar Tree: $1.60    Walmart: $9.15        Tims: $2.45        Total: $15.65

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