Wednesday July 12th

I did end up getting a map of all of North America from shoppers drug dealer – just in-case kinda thing. Then I went to Taco Time, for taco Tuesday! That cost was $20.95 and $6.65, respectively. Then I went to the Walmart in the south end, I haven’t been inside this Walmart once yet, lol.

I woke up around 2:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep until about 2 hours later. I almost stayed up, but I did end up dozing off. I woke up at 9am. While I was winding down the night earlier, I planned to wash my things. I’m not sure if it’s the smell of canola, or if it’s me, but I decided I had to wash my things because I think it’s starting to smell like homeless. So, I basically spent all day at the laundromat. While I was there, I met Derek, a pretty cool gun loving country guy.

I had some clothes I wanted to wash, so I decided I would work out first – leg day. Then I showered. I didn’t bring my towel, because that as well, desperately needed washing. I used cinnamon essential oil on my flip flops, and wintergreen with my deodorant – I used almond oil as the base. I went back to the laundromat, and washed the rest of my clothes, and the pillow sheets (I forgot to wash the second pillow case). As I took my clothes out of the dryer to start folding, with the exception of the owner, the place was empty – it felt remarkably nice.

People keep talking to me, not that it bothers me all that much, but… I think it’s that I am tired of below average interactions. The interaction with Derek was great, we vibed, and we both shared a lot of the same world views (and he was somebody who was strong, somebody who had a backbone, and was not afraid to go against the grain). But, I’m not a fan of small-talk, nor do I like to speak with people in public. I never really realized this… I guess the exception is if I initiate the conversion. Otherwise, if someone else initiates, I am in the position of having to respond, and forfeiting information not just to the person talking to me, but everyone else listening. I noticed this when speaking with Derek. It was a great conversation, but afterwards, someone else came up to me and said something about what Derek and I spoke about. I never said anything to this guy, and he never said anything to me, but now he knows something (at least one thing, likely more) about me, and the balance is off. I digress.

After I had everything cleaned, folded, and put away, I did some more organizing in my car. I have it so I can get rid of one of the cardboard grocery boxes that I used previously to hold my shoes, garbage bags, and some other things. But it’s good cuz it can hold other things :-] I have about a quart of 5W-30 that I want to get rid of. The right person has not yet come along, but I will find someone. Bob, the gentleman in the booth next to me, uses 0W-20 in his lancer, but he told me of a car show going on tomorrow night, just down the road. I suppose I’ll check it out then. It’s getting pretty late here, so I’m going to finish a Jeff video, then call it a night. Expenses are as so:

Laundromat: $8+$1.5+$1+$1.5+$5+$2=$19        Tims: $2.45*3=$7.35        Walmart: $7.29 Total: $33.64

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