Friday July 7th

I couldn’t go to sleep, so I went to a place called “Pony Corral” and got some soup. I drove back to the dollar store outlet wall, plugged in, and had a good sleep. In the morning, the start to the second half of this adventure began with Walmart for some water. The natural springs website was down. Jee, I wonder why. I’m sure it has nothing to do with how the water supply is well fluoridated – nothing at all. I decided to get a 24 pack of 500ml water, and was surprised to see a 48-cent surcharge on top of the advertised cost. You know, gotta pay the tax on top of the tax, on top of the tax of the taxes that are taxed. It’s the only way we can save the planet. I wonder, will people ever stand up and execute these corrupt judges, bureaurats, and political officials? I swear, when the next psyop begins, they’ll just tell people to line up for their execution, because the people will actually obey.

Tims next, then off I went. I was headed towards Saskatchewan with two stops. The first was the Manitoba Agricultural Museum, and another was a museum in the town of Brandon. Let’s go Brandon! So, the agricultural museum was pretty cool, but the other one called “Daly House” wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be my kind of thing, but I gave it a shot anyways – if I’m going to head into the unknown, I have to explore some places I doubt I would have interest in. I had my lunch in the Tims parking lot of this town, then off I was again. Shortly after I made it into Saskatchewan, I stopped for a coffee at a gas station, since there was no Tims, and their local coffee shop was closed – despite it saying they were open on Maps. I like country people. They have such an intrinsic beauty about them.

The drive towards Regina was one of the best drives I ever had in my entire life. The fields of canola filled the air with such a kinky, wonky, feminine like smell. No, I am not a fan of canola, the only oils I want in my food, besides the ones present in the food already, are avocado, coconut, butter (ghee if available) and real extra virgin olive oil. As I stopped beside a field to behold the glory of the never-ending fields of pussy flowers, I grabbed a piece of grass – you know, so I could have it lodge in my throat and choke on it over the course of the next few days.

Once I made it into Regina, I was absolutely pooped. I could barely make it inside the gym – but I did. I showered, then drove to the Walmart around the corner. It was barely 8pm, but I was just so tired. I put the windshield blocks up, and went to bed. I woke up twice, once to a guy pointing his headlights into my car, and another time around 2:30am when there were parking lot guys walking around with propane machines, spraying the yellow parking lines all over. Other than that, it was actually a remarkably comfortable sleep. The pillow got pushed to behind the console, giving my legs some more room. Expenses:

Pony Corral: $25.76    Walmart: $12.47    Tims1: $2.30        Museum1: $10

Museum2: $6        Tims: $4.89    Gas: $55.91    Coffee: $2.75        Total: $120.08


Saturday July 8th

I woke up around 8-9am and was still tired. Probably from the abhorrent amount of peanut butter I ate the day before. I was putting that stuff all over my dark chocolate and muffins from Tims. I know what you may be thinking, but hear me out – first, it was organic peanut butter, second, the top broke, so it had a little hole in it. I want to eat it as fast as possible so it doesn’t spill all over the inside of my car. I keep looking for Valencia peanuts peanut-butter, but I can’t find it. It’s a type of peanut primarily grown in Texas and Oklahoma that has the lease amount of aflatoxin of all peanut types. Aflatoxins are a kind of fungal toxin that grows on various maize plants, including peanuts, during production, harvest, storage, and processing. They cause hepatocellular injury – liver carcinoma – cancer! First thing I did was head downtown to go to the farmers’ market. I got some kale, a zucchini, a poppy seed pastry, and some “saskatoon berries”. These are berries that don’t look so sad – unlike the ones you get from the store (enough said). I went back to my car, but decided, I don’t care if I get a ticket, I’m going to chill for a bit.

Beside the market was a park, so I went back, sat in the park, and read the TDV June Dispatch (finance newsletter I am subscribed to) for about a half hour. Then I circled the park, and walked down a downtown street on my way back to my car. And guess what I saw? The orange scooters! I asked a passer-by and they said they suddenly appears all over the city – overnight – about a week ago. I continued walking, and struck up a conversation with a fellow white Christian who seemed to be in the know of the controlled demolition. It was a hell of a conversation, reminded me of the horrid nightmare we are all headed towards. We must have spoken for at least an hour on the side of the street. I gave her my card, and went on my way. Before I went to Tims, I walked to the Walmart to get some kefir, avocados, and chocolate oatmeal cookies (on sale). I want to go one day without buying anything – besides Tim Horton’s coffee (maybe even that) so I can empty things out.

The Tims by the Walmart appeared not to have any outlets by the seats. I uploaded my video data, and went to another Tims. So, here I am, with the sun beating down on me through a conveniently placed skylight. The only thing preventing me from getting 1st degree burns while writing this update is a red DC hoodie. I put some coconut oil on my skin before the walk in the park, but I think the sun may still be making it through the hoodie. I have about 4 hours before this place closes, so I want to try to make episode 4. This time, I want to make it watchable. I want it to be something people really enjoy watching.

Half an hour later: I got things organized, started episode 4, and right at the very beginning as I made the very first cut, the software crashed. And, it continued to do so after repeated attempts. This was after I did a full PC restart, and even after putting my PC into “Turbo mode”. So, I will have to take this is a sign from God that I should focus on more important things, such as looking for meaningful employment. I mean, I don’t really want to make that interpretation, because we can always do that. We can always take Resistance as a “sign from God” that we should give up and do other things. But I have to look at my current situation: I don’t have a job, I am sort of directionless, without a clan, and people are flooding into this country like people from Detroit pouring into a Target during Black Friday.

I need to do something that will put me ahead, and right now, video editing isn’t it. It’s tough for me to admit and accept that, because the truth is, I want to make really nice videos. I even had it all planned out inside my head for this episode. I was going to make it go to the beat of 1 or 2 songs, turn the music down during the Daly House museum tour, as well as my experience recap… but I have to move on. Can’t make it any clearer than that, eh God? Nope. I guess not, and you’re right. Perhaps this will be a more feasible project in the future, just… not right now. I’m sure you will let me know when the time is right.

Fun fact: Saskatchewan does not follow daylight savings time. In the summer, it follows Mountain Daylight Time (UTC – 6h) along with Alberta. In the winter, it follows Central Standard Time (UTC -6h) along with Manitoba. Expenses are as so:

Tims: $2.30    Kale: $5        Zucchini: $3    Poppy-pastry: $3.20    Saskatoon Berries: $7

Walmart: $13.27    Tims: $2.60    Tims: $2.60    Total: $38.97


Sunday July 9th

From the day before: I left the Tims around 8 or 9pm and went to the same spot in the Walmart parking lot, against the outside more, and pointed west towards the sunset. I saw a huge RV pull into the parking lot, pulling a giant cargo carrier. My Kale was going soft, and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to eat it all before it turned into mush, so I walked over and gave the guy 2 leaves. I made myself dinner which this time, included a bag of beef jerky, and went to bed.

In the morning, I went into Walmart to do my business and check out any sales. This time, as I went in, I wore my blue light filter sunglasses that I got from Princess Auto a while back – “virtually indestructible!” wrote the packaging. I read somewhere about how the lighting in Walmart and these other stores puts you in such a good mood, that it makes you buy more. Other times, it affects you negatively. There wasn’t a Tims, so I just got my coffee at McDix. No almond milk, so I got a cream. Did my business, got some more kefir and a box of blueberries… and that’s it! Looks like the glasses worked – sort of.

I had breakfast, and off I went. My Maps destination went something like: Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Spring Water, Lloydminster, but I didn’t make it that far. I stopped in Moose Jaw, as AI told me about there being caves here. Tickets cost like $25, and while I was stopping at Tims here, there were an abominable amount of teenagers, all lined up ahead of my inside Tims – I nearly finished a whole Spanish lesson while waiting. Anyway, I decided against the caves for all these reasons, among them being not allowed to film. You know when all these little reasons for something create this vibe that… something just isn’t right. I mean, I love caves, I would like to visit the caves of Moose Jaw, but $25, hordes of teenagers, no filming, what’s next?

I made it to Saskatoon pretty quickly and stopped at the Gym here. I did my Delts & Triceps workout that I got from 6-time Mr. Olympian, Dorian Yate. Over the years, I’ve been adding and modifying the workout to be my own. Well, I stopped working out for a while, but started again a couple months ago. The gym was nearly empty, it was great. Shower was good too, and I use the “Feel the Power” blow dryer on my feet and crocks so I wouldn’t be soggy all day. I asked the girl at the front desk for a place to stop by and relax, with nice scenic views. They told me the “Cranberry Flats” and I was so excited because of the name and the way she described it. Once I looked it up, I realized it was 25 minutes in the opposite direction of where I am headed. I am headed north, and was south (the direction I came from).

I went back to my parking spot at Tims and stuck my towel into my window to let it dry. I was looking at this box of Tea that I stuffed full of the stevia-dextrose-maltodextrin packets earlier last week. I haven’t made tea once on this trip, why do I still have it? I didn’t want it, I’d rather have more room for other things, so I thought I’d ask these two fine gentlemen that are speaking in front of my car, if they want it. The first said that they did not, but the second guy did! As I gave it to him, I did take 2 bags of tea and stuffed it into my coffee box – I may change my mind later and make a tea. This gentleman introduced himself as Neal Morrison. We spoke about the problems going on in the country, as well as my aspiration to become a trucker. What a perfect altercation – Neal had his A1 truck driver’s license, so he was able to share some incredible information with me, including a town in the outskirts of Edmonton (basically connected to Edmonton) with a lot of trucking businesses. I knew I was headed to a town on the outskirts; I just didn’t know the name yet.

On my way out of Saskatoon, I stopped at Petrofka Natural Springs. I only had two 500ml of water, but I wanted some real fresh water. If it wasn’t for the insane number of mosquitos, I would have probably filled my French press with water too. There were several places to stop and enjoy the scenic hillside view. On maps, I saw a place called “Country Girls Inn” about 15 minutes north, and en route to Lloydminster. It was getting late, about 5pm, so I wanted to stop for the day. Unfortunately, the motel room didn’t come with any country girls (of course not, it too, like so many other things in this beautiful county, was owned by the Chinese) but the lady working there was kind enough to come out and give me a few words about the local area. I decided I was going to stay at a campsite, but as this is going to be my first campsite, it had to be good!

About 20 minutes west was a campground at a place called Red Berry Lake conservation area. It seemed expensive at first – $10 just to get in, and another $21 just for a camp spot without power. I spoke to the locals working here, and they said that the $10 was fine. After signing me up, they offered me their own camp spot! It was right beside the miniput and the entrance office, so I pulled in and opened up my hatch. They were extremely kind to me, even offering to let me sleep in the tent they have set up, which has a full queen mattress! I mentioned that I forgot to get meat earlier, but everything was closed now. They then got me a steak! The steak was frozen, and none of my avocados were ripe, so I made due with the zucchini, garlic, pickled beets and… I think that’s it. Once cooked, I soaked the roasted zucchini in apple cider vinegar – man it felt good. I was satisfied. I’m horrible with names, but I think their names were Lea-Anne and Isabelle?

After I ate, the daughter (I think Lea-Anne) came to offer me an orange crush smoothie, which I had to decline. I have enough sugar in my diet, and also, they have been the kindest strangers in my entire life. It feels wrong to call them “strangers” but you know what I mean. They have been the kindest folks-who-don’t even-know-me, to me, in my entire life. That is for sure. I cleaned up my mess, put everything away, and went for a walk around the campsite. I walked a few kilometers, all the way across the entire campsite, to the pier / boat launch. On the way back, I noticed the tens of thousands of mosquitos flying around above the trail. The hum of all their wings flapping together was quite loud, even from like 10 meters away, you could still hear it. I got back into my car, and basically went right to bed – only waking up twice to take a personal oil change. Somehow, no mosquitos made their way into my car, despite the windows being down during the slow process of setting up dinner, and after walking through several mating batches filled with thousands of them. Expenses:

McD: $2.20    Walmart: $7.54        Gas: $68.69    Tims: $2.30    Tims: 2.30

Camp entry: $10    Total: $93.03

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