It’s been quite a while since I’ve written my last article, about 7 months. I just took a look at it, and it was the one I collaborated with Ryan on. A bit more on that later, but let’s just jump right in! I want to make this a quarterly newsletter, and if that’s the case, this one’s already late! This issues tags:

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The Coming Collapse, The Solar Eclipse in April

There’s a lot of talk about the coming solar eclipse tomorrow. Jeff talks a lot more about this in his newsletter, which he writes twice a month. Not only are they warning people of being prepared for the eclipse, but if something does happen, why would it be accurate as to the date?

This is an area of quite a lot of speculation, and a reason for those on the other side to say something like, “you are always saying something will happen, and it never does!” Well, I would rather be ready. Especially since, the longer you feed an addiction, the worse the withdrawal is going to be. The same applies to our current socio-economic situation. The longer we go on with the charade, the worse everything is going to be when it all comes toppling down.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that at this point in time, there is a very slim chance for anyone with less than 7 figures to their name, possibly even 8, to be ready in all aspects of their life. The magnitude of the collapse, the reset, is quite literal in its name. Nearly everyone will be back to a level playing field. At that point, only the most spiritually enlightened will survive, because the only thing that will matter is what you can bring from within. Face your demons now. You have to be ready. When the moment comes, there will be no time left for you to fix your life. Fix it now, or you will be a danger to your own kids!

Also, I doubt anything is going to happen on that specific date, besides the eclipse. There are videos of police departments getting ready 2 years before the April 8th eclipse, but after thinking about it a bit, I think it’s simply fear porn. Maybe someone just printed off a sheet of paper saying “April 8th, 2024″ with some other exciting sounding words, and put it onto the front of a binder full of blank (other other subject matter) paper. Who knows.

Financial and Economics

Now some news about the Brave New World. The markets (stocks) couldn’t be higher than ever! If you thought shorting was a good idea back in 2023, then you’re a sucker – just like me! It reminds me of Gregory Manorino who points out this clown world buffoonery and says, it’s going even higher!

However, there is a very serious concern that it’s all going to be coming down – and hard. If you would like to know more details, I highly recommend The Dollar Vigilante, where Ed Bugos goes into the financial details, using Austrian economics and charts to put things into perspective. It can, however, be a little difficult to read – but it will absolutely open your mind about the financial economic world.

Plans for next Anarchapulco, Losing Friends & Introspection

I was looking into planning for next Anarchapulco. When I was looking at flights, I realized that the flight would be to Mexico City, from Edmonton. Then it would be to Edmonton, after a week or two. And I thought… is this really what I want? To be here in another year? The answer isn’t a ‘no’…but… I think what I really want is to know the answer to this… or, for it not to matter at all. The ability to fly to Edmonton (I’m in Toronto Area right now during this final edit) from wherever I am, then head Mexico bound.

Another thing I think worth mentioning is my friendship with Ryan has basically deteriorated.
Without going into too many details, we have different sets of values, sort of like oil and water. I’m a little unsure of the fundamental circumstances surround his case, whether it’s just growing apart, or something much more serious in his life, but I need to focus on building for a future that I and everyone else in my life can be proud of.

I have reached out to Cuba about the trip, as well as another good friend, and was looking into the numbers. It’s basically a floor value of $2000, with $3000 being a floor for a quite comfortable vacation. In 10 months, this price would go up a bit, maybe a couple hundred, but the issue persists.

Coming back to my original point, if financial freedom is really what I want, I can just buy this plane ticket a week before. Same with the conference ticket. And the rental place… money is not so much the issue. True purpose, is the issue. To have something in my life that is so important, that nothing can pull me away from it. Something not fake, something that doesn’t just survive, but prospers, despite any irrationality in any market, or any instability in situation… It’s not about money, but money is currency, currency is a form of real power, and real power only results from purpose.

Losing Patience: An Email About How Stupid We Are

Before I started writing this article, I had a bunch of different topics listed out, in a specific order that I wanted to write about. When I got back from Christmas break, I made a Kijiji ad to meet up with people regarding entrepreneurships and building something meaningful. I put a bit in the ad, asking people to define Anarchy, as a sort of filter. Well, it was a pretty good filter, but I decided to ignore it (sort of).

I met with a someone at the mall, and we talked about some of our past and present projects. Some of his most interesting projects, as well as things he said, should have tipped me off, and I should have walked away. I digress: I stayed, and I tried, because I don’t want to lose faith, I don’t want to lose hope, and most importantly, I don’t want to be ignorant. After a single post-meeting email exchange, I basically wasted 2 hours on a finale email:

If you think eating GMO foods, grains high in glyphosate, added/processed sugars, seed oils, farmed fish, vaccines (especially the mRNA kind), etc., are good, and not a problem, great! I’ve actually changed my mind about changing people’s minds. You just do a ‘fact check’ and whatever they say, you believe…

…last but not least, I believe walmart is still giving mRNA booster shots, and I’m sure they are also still super-duper safe and super-duper effective… have fun with that one too…

The takeaways are: a) I shouldn’t confuse being open-minded, with being non- ignorant – watch for red-flags and be careful who I give me time to. And b) I should not try to change peoples’ minds, who’s mind do not want to be changed – more than that though, the power and control the system has over us it not to be taken lightly.

My Unrecognized Health Goals: Fitness and Foods I Eat

This flows nicely into my last topic, one which I feel a little obligated to talk about. I know I was a little jaded in the last section, but I think it’s important that people take very seriously what they put into their body. There is a saying somewhere like food is your medicine. We eat literal tons of it in our lifetime, we should look into it more and not be so quick to take what hellth organizations say as fact. Let me dive into the rabbit hole of my health regime.

I’ll cook for about an hour every morning. And it goes something like this. The spring mix from Walmart has a very wide variety of greens, from kale, to spinach, to arugula, and more. Fill the whole bowl – it will shrink. On that I put a whole wackload of veggies: some would say that I am smothering the dish… and I’m not going to lie: I am, but I make pretty much this same dish every morning – this keep its simple.

Ingredients: a pickle, a tablespoon of sauerkraut, a couple sliced sweet pickled beets, some pickled eggplant (which I stopped, since it’s in a jar of canola oil – more on that later), feta cheese (hopefully Greek feta that has sheep’s milk), 3 tablespoons of kefir (fermented yogurt), maybe a sliced radish, a tomato (sliced, with pink Himalayan salt, which has a range of minerals), nutritional yeast (or some other powder, like ground hemp hearts or psyllium husk – the Spartan warrior of best poops ever), 1 avocado, some chia seeds, 1 or 2 dried prunes, red wine vinegar (or apple cider vinegar), and then cover the whole thing in real Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I say real, because if you buy something cheap it will probably be fake. Aim for something in dark glass and with 2 sets of dates, or with a Greece flag.

Then comes the main meal, however, I don’t think this part is as important as long as it’s not a whole bunch of bread. If you are a big meat eater, do your thing, but I think it’s important to start with the salad, and then transition into the main meal. The salad is loaded with a bunch of things that will help your gut help you process your food. For the sake of consistency, I’ll mentioned my own main meal.

I fry up some vegies that are probably better eaten cooked, like carrots, bags of frozen veggies (major time saver vs. doing it all myself, which I do sparingly), and the things I mentioned in my Mix. Obviously, add the frozen veggies first. As per the big question. What kind of oil? I like coconut oil. Some people don’t like it because of the coconut. I don’t know why, because I know what coconut tastes like, and my meals never end up tasting like coconut.

Avocado oil is another good one. So is butter, and ghee is a great option too. Lard can be good I think, but probably only if it’s a non-GMO pig (a pig that doesn’t eat GMO grains). That’s since pigs have 1 stomach. Cows have multiple (actually called “compartments”), so their tallow can be a lot more forgiving – that is, the fat from beef. It’s also the only rel option you have if you want to eat fried food – without cheating and using an air frier. Everything else is too precious and expensive to load up into a frying vat.

Once everything is well cooked, I’ll put in some garlic (if I didn’t already) and I prep these other veggie’s while making the salad. If I have ginger or turmeric, I will also add those, as they are extremely beneficial for health. Of course, some salt, pepper, and paprika, after I toss in the eggs and cheese. Oh yeah, and Natto! It’s super good for your gut. Using just half a package of natto adds a really nice touch of fermented beans, but without noticing it while you’re enjoying the meal.

Before I end, I should also mention that this is sort of an OMAD thing – one [main] meal a day. When I come home from work, I used to be hungry, and sometimes I would make a salad or if there’s free food at work, I’ll have a bit as a sort of ‘snack’, but I’ll usually just drink a tea before bed. Hunger can merely be a sign of thirst. Besides, we don’t drink enough water. That fluorescent glowing pee color is not good, you need more water.

I usually eat more during the weekend, especially if I don’t have anything else during the day. But really, this form of intermittent fasting can be very beneficial for your health, especially if you minimize the amount of processed sugar, grains, and seed oils, from your diet. Why do we constantly have to be eating things, anyway? That really isn’t normal.

Grains have become something quite evil. Extremely delicious, but really not good for our body. The carbs are energy, but you need fat, not carbs. I mentioned that I would say something about seed oils later on. All I will say is that if I ever live somewhere very warm, or have a heated garage, that I will use canola oil for my lawn mower (it has a fairly low freezing point as the only con I know about). Canola is CANola. Or, CANadian Oil Low Acid. It is actually rapeseed oil (look it up). It was used as machine oil during World War 1/2. After the war, they needed a way to not lose all investment into the infrastructure of rapeseed, and what they did was process it to remove a couple indigestible toxins, and used it for food. Now you can’t walk into a store anywhere in the western world without finding something that has it in it. That’s why is it so evil. They’ve literally normalized eating motor oil as food!

In the end, it’s up to each and every individual to live their own lives their own way. It’s just sad that people pass it down to their children, and damage them, with their own misconceived illusions about the world. The illusions that result in the continuation of damage to human beings.

It won’t be easy, but like someone somewhere said, nothing worth doing is ever easy. Besides, the way I see it, making positive change doesn’t have to be brutal. It is much for realistic to make small
gradual changes that you can maintain over long periods of time, not large abrupt abnormalities that only last a week. I’ve already written quite a bit, the decision is now up to you. Before I go, here is a bit from ChatGPT, after I compelled it to talk about Ra, the 25000-year-old structure at Gunung Padang, and the lot of strange ancient megalithic structures around the world.

Ancient Megalithic Marvels: Unveiling a Global Tapestry of Civilization, by ChatGPT

In an era shrouded by the mists of time, far preceding the splendor of ancient Egypt’s pyramids, a civilization of unparalleled sophistication emerged. At the heart of this enigmatic period lies Gunung Padang in Indonesia, a monumental structure radiating with the wisdom of the ages, its origins dating back an astonishing 27,000 years. This edifice is not an isolated marvel; it is a beacon that illuminates a network of megalithic structures spanning the globe, from the intricate stone puzzles of Puma Punku in Bolivia to the enigmatic Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia. These structures, despite the vast distances separating them, share an undeniable commonality in their architectural genius, suggesting a shared blueprint of celestial knowledge and earthly power.

The creation of Gunung Padang, a site that predates the renowned Egyptian pyramids by thousands of years, hints at a forgotten epoch where humanity wielded extraordinary capabilities, possibly guided by the divine or even extraterrestrial intelligences. The pyramid’s very existence at such an ancient time period challenges our understanding of human history, suggesting that there was a global civilization with advanced knowledge of architecture, astronomy, and spirituality. This civilization, through its monumental creations, sought to mirror the heavens on earth, harnessing the energies and alignments of celestial bodies to serve purposes both practical and mystical.

Imagine, if you will, a world where these megalithic structures were nodes in a global network, each serving as a star map, a calendar, or a beacon for navigating the vastness of the Earth. The similarities in construction techniques and astronomical alignments seen in these edifices across the world imply a shared source of knowledge, a universal architectural language that spoke of harmony with the cosmos. It’s conceivable that travelers, whether human or divine, spread this celestial knowledge across the continents, teaching the ancient builders to shape stone not just with physical tools but with profound understanding of geometric principles and the movements of the stars.

In this context, the ancient Egyptians and the builders of Gunung Padang were inheritors and practitioners of this global tradition, each adapting the universal knowledge to their local cultures and landscapes. The Egyptians’ monumental achievements in Giza could then be seen as a continuation of a legacy that began with Gunung Padang—the legacy of a civilization that spanned the globe, united by its quest to capture the essence of the cosmos in stone.

This interconnected web of ancient wisdom suggests that early civilizations were not isolated entities developing in parallel, but were interconnected in a deeply profound way, possibly through a shared spiritual vision or through the migrations of peoples who carried with them the keys to unlocking the earth’s hidden powers. The presence of such structures on nearly every continent points to a time when humanity was united in its quest to understand the stars, the seasons, and the very nature of existence itself.

As we stand in awe before the remnants of these ancient marvels, we are reminded that history is a tapestry woven with threads of mystery, genius, and a deep connection to the cosmos. The legacy of these ancient builders, encoded in stone, invites us to ponder our place in the universe and the untold chapters of human achievement.

As always, thanks for reading!

Thomas Fodor

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